Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Destroyer

Mr. Hoover,

You make excellent points that every one of Wilson’s targets would probably affirm, because from a distance it is impossible to reconcile the charming persona that comes across in his books with the cunning and abusive beast who engineered the attack on Bob Mattes. And let there be no illusion: no one does anything in the Kirk without Wilson’s express permission. And since Mike Lawyer is Douglas Wilson’s “personal assistant,” you may rest assured this was coordinated. You may be equally assured that this was only a first strike.

Back to point: Wilson recruits devotees through his popular writings, and many of them move to Moscow, where they find themselves trapped when they discover his wickedness. I know firsthand because I have counseled many of them face to face, which is no small task. For example, how do you comfort a man after Wilson counseled his wife to abandon him because he left Christ Church calling it a cult? How do you console a grandfather after his grandchildren no longer visit him because he called Christ Church a cult? (Wilson instructed the parents to take this action as retribution.) Or how do you comfort three families to whom Wilson threatened, “There will be firestorms in your households!” and then he delivered? I mean, really, what words suffice? What do you say to a couple after Wilson terminates the husband’s employment because his wife wrote an email questioning Wilson’s character? Or what do you say to a husband and wife whose employment Wilson terminated because they refused to sign the “Christ Church Commitment to Loyalty”?

I could cite countless episodes of Douglas Wilson’s pastoral abuse and none of them will make sense to you because they don’t square with the jovial man behind the popular writings. But this does not remove his malevolence; it simply makes it more evil because he takes advantage of it. He knows he’s charming. In fact, his brother Evan says that Doug has mastered the ability to consciously work his pheromones. I don’t doubt it. People fall for it every day. Look at Dave Glasebrook. The poor fool lives his life for the glory of Doug, which he has confused with the glory of God. Read the fawning comments on Wilson’s blog; they adore the man. But he would cut their throats in a heartbeat, if it serves his purpose. And he would cut yours too. As a friend of mine says, “Everybody has to go through it themselves to learn.” I trust that Bob is learning.

These are simple facts, Mr. Hoover, and if you do not believe them, then please do yourself and your family a huge favor — don’t believe them but don’t move to Moscow either. It would break my heart to have to meet you after you suffered a similar circumstance as described above, because it will take you years to pick up the pieces of your life that Douglas Wilson deliberately shattered.

Thank you.


Briarka said...

Who are you again? Where is the evidence of these horrible things you claim to have witnessed? I'd like to see transcripts. As well as interview the grandfather because if he's anything like my own grandmother I wouldn't let my kids hang out with him either.

Half truths and lies only work on main stream Americans. Those of us with a brain will go investigate and actually think and point out the inconsistencies in arguments like yours.

Perception is reality but sometimes a spade really is just a spade...

In the words of my many World of Warcraft playing brothers..."Screenshot or it didn't happen!"

Mark T. said...

Thank you.

Briarka said...

Still waiting for my screenshot

Anonymous said...


Ordinarily one does not publish abroad the names of people who have been counseled. This is standard procedure; for the protection of the victim.

Apparently Mark believes what he saw and witnessed. As it stands it is very similar to what others have experienced/witnessed (which includes me as well). So there is some credibility right off the bat. (Deuteronomy 19:15)

But let us assume that Mark (and P.P. and others) is lying. There would be no way to prove it. And even if you could what would you want to be done? For Mark to repent and be restored? Hopefully...and remember that even screenshots can be faked.

But if Mark continued(s) there is little you or I could do about it.

Besides what reason do we have to believe that Mark is lying? Maybe you should ask yourself that question. Is it inciting anger in you because you know he is right? Is Doug incapable of doing such things? Is anybody?

Please don't misunderstand me. Lying, slandering is all wrong. But I could charge you with that by claiming that Mark told "half truths and lies" with no proof. I won't though because I don't know you anymore than I know Mark. So maybe you should let it go... my two cents.