Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Hate

You really need to read “The Late Unpleasantness in Idaho: Southern Slavery and the Culture Wars” to begin to grasp the magnitude of Douglas Wilson’s Southern Slavery scandal in 2003–2004. That said, Wilson’s final response to the community’s outrage was a website called, which lived up to its name. It was full of hatred, insults, revilings, and other abominations. Personally, I thought that the audio sound effect of a machine gun firing away at a flock of sheep captured the essence of the site, as well as the essence of Pastor Douglas Wilson. Perhaps history will tell.

Anyway, monkey boy Gabe Rench has asserted that “Doug [Wilson] did not start up hatesplotch.” But I never said that Wilson started it; I said it was his official response to the Southern Slavery scandal of 2004. Either way, don’t take my word for it; take Dr. Brian Pitcher’s word, who was the Provost of the University of Idaho at the time.

Thank you.


Magister said...

Mr Mark T,
My brother and I were good friends of the two gentlemen who thought up, both of who are under the age of forty, and they are not Douglas Wilson. It initially was meant to be a silly satire of, run by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group who jumped on the bandwagon with those who pretended that our history conference in 2003 (on Revolution) was really on Southern Slavery.
I have lived in Moscow for twelve years, I painted the house of the guy who put up, and trust me: the ideas and the content on that website weren't Wilson's work at all, and in now way his ideas or attitudes, whatever the obscure mr. Pitcher's opinion was. It's simply a satire, meant to be goofy and not taken seriously.

Luke Nieuwsma
Christ Church, Moscow, ID

Mark T. said...

Mr. Nieuwsma,

Please reread my assertions.

And as long as I have you on the line, what compels a Wilson loyalist to defend their master even if it means contradicting documented facts? I think the answer to this question will help many of us understand current events.

Thank you.