Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bold Love

At the risk of imitating Lane, you have to buy this book:

Arrogance swaggers to its own inner rhythm. It sings its own boastful songs of conquering potency. The bravado of arrogance is, at times, enormously attractive. It walks into potentially dangerous and shameful situations, and calmly and powerfully exerts control. There is a sense of confidence, a savoir faire, a leader’s energy that allows others to abdicate choice and relax in the swagger of their boldness. Arrogance creates a mood of “follow me or get lost.” And who wants to be lost in a world such as ours?

Consequently, arrogant men and women rule the world and offer the illusion of rest (from choice) for the weary, and hope (for protection) for the frightened. An arrogant heart is hardened by its own sin and blinds the hearts of those it controls. The more evil a person is, the greater the degree of arrogant hardness ruling his heart. In turn, the greater the hardness, the more likely the control of others will be achieved through vicious contempt. (Dan B. Allender, Tremper Longman, Bold Love, “Loving an Evil Person” [Colorado Springs: Navpress Publishing Group, 1993] npn.)

Thank you.