Monday, November 19, 2007

Dougzilla vs. the PCA

The more I think about it, the more I am amazed that Douglas Wilson has arrogated the authority (despite admitting his ignorance of the PCA’s BCO) to criticize the PCA for its constitutional process in the matter involving Louisiana Presbytery. I am amazed because of all people, he is the last man who should ever complain about constitutional issues given his lawless conduct in the matter of Church of the King–Santa Cruz. If you read the record, you’ll see that constitutional process meant nothing to him. Even worse, his CREC monkey boys sanctioned his lawlessness.

Wilson’s defiance of the PCA becomes even more hypocritical when you consider the following resolution, which the fourteen churches of the OPC’s Presbytery of the Dakotas unanimously adopted on Wednesday, April 3, 2002. Read it carefully because Wilson has pulled this number before:

A motion, presbytery directed its clerks to send copies of the correspondence read by Mr. Wallace to all OPC presbyteries with the warning that the attached correspondence illustrates some grave dangers with the practices of Douglas Wilson and Christ Church, Moscow, ID. They undermine the discipline of Reformed churches and refuse to support it, assuming that it is unbiblical without even hearing the case. On motion, presbytery will also send the material to the 69th general assembly and overture the assembly to forward it to their denominations and ecclesiastical fellowship.

Moreover, I am gob smacked that any CREC confederate has the nerve to comment on PCA disciplinary and constitutional matters while they allow Dougzilla to blogstomp all over the universe, completely unchecked, deliberately endeavoring to create chaos where decency and order prevail. As Robert K says, “Self-awareness level: minus zero.”