Friday, November 23, 2007

A Federal Correction

Mr. Dave Glasebrook has written several comments trying to correct assertions I made in this post. I deleted his comments because he insists on using my blog as his platform to advance Wilson’s abusive agenda. However, he does make a point, writing,

Please refresh my memory about letters and phone calls to employers seeking termination of employees because they wrote the plain truth about Wilson. Please tell me when I wrote to the Spokesman Review demanding the termination of a reporter. That is false.

To be fair, Mr. Glasebrook makes an excellent clarification. He never wrote any letters to The Spokesman Review demanding the termination of a reporter. He did it all by phone. In fact, he did it after she wrote these two articles. I know this because she told me (she laughed, saying, “My editor thinks he’s a nut!”), so it’s not as though Mr. Glasebrook effectively chilled anyone. Nevertheless, I appreciate his calling this to my attention and I apologize for any offense I may have caused.

Thank you.