Friday, November 16, 2007

Machen and Wilkins and Wilson and Me

After the PCA’s SJC announced its decisions regarding Louisiana Presbytery, Douglas Wilson wrote a post for his blog titled “Machen and Wilkins.” And I quote:

But those were liberals. We conservative Reformed Christians have all learned our Machen lessons, right? Not really. Nothing has changed. Steve would be embarrassed by me making this comparison, but Steve Wilkins is today’s Machen. He also is being railroaded (in the plain light of day). His presbytery vindicated him twice. No charges against him personally have ever been brought. The General Assembly appointed a study committee on the general topic that was so stacked it was falling out of its dress. They issued a series of declarations that another body, the Stacked Judicial Commission, is going to be using to determine if Steve’s presbytery ought to have cleared him in the way they have done. And when they have finalized their decision, there is no appeal. What a slick system! It’s not everybody that can get a conviction without a trial, and without the right of appeal. I bet the Assemblies of God don’t know how to do that. (“Machen and Wilkins”)

Now there are too many errors and downright misrepresentations in this single paragraph for me to waste time correcting (although I suggest the author familiarize himself with the facts of the case before he make any more ludicrous pronouncements). However, I do want to highlight one sentence of Wilson’s: “Steve would be embarrassed by me making this comparison, but Steve Wilkins is today’s Machen.”

I call this line to your attention for one simple reason, namely, I am embarrassed by Wilson making this comparison.

Thank you.