Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Short List

I tried posting this on Green Bagginses, but I think it has too many links. The funny thing is that this is the short list.

“The Late Unpleasantness in Idaho: Southern Slavery and the Culture Wars”
Dr William Ramsey comments on the Southern Slavery scandal that hit the Palouse in 2003–2004. Please note this line: “In an angry letter to the university provost, Wilson claimed that the book review was “slanderous” and “defamatory” and demanded disciplinary action and a public apology, while Atwood wrote a similar letter to the president.” It’s the same game plan.

“Horowitz, Genovese, and the Varieties of Culture War: Comments on the Continuing Unpleasantness in Idaho”
A follow-up article to “The Late Unpleasantness in Idaho: Southern Slavery and the Culture Wars.”

P&R News, “The Moscow Story”

P&R News, “Presbytery of the Dakotas Takes on Doug Wilson and Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho”

American Slavery: A Symposium
Cascade Presbyterian Church (PCA) hosts a symposium to respond to Wilson’s and Wilkins’ Southern Slavery As It Was.

Dr. Nick Gier taught Douglas Wilson at the UI. His story is the same as everyone else’s.

Cleaning House
A Moscow blogger who has excellent first-hand knowledge of Wilson and the Kirk. Check out the threads “Whited Sepulchres,” “Uncle Doug’s Cabin,” and “Nuisance Andrews.”

“Southern Slavery As It Wasn’t”
University of Idaho professors Drs. William Ramsey and Sean M. Quinlan respond to Southern Slavery As It Was.

“Plagiarizing Slavery . . .”
Ironic, when you remember that “plagiarizer” originally meant “kidnapper.”

“A Labor of Love”
Written anonymously by an evangelical pastor and sent to the Palouse via the local listserv.

NYT “Onward Christian Scholars”

The casino story in all its glory.

Southern Slavery In Northern Idaho

“A Call To Repentance”
Where it all began. And the first shall be last.

Thank you.