Monday, November 19, 2007


CREC confederate Al Sends has accused me of “bitterness” here and here. But I want to remind confederate Sands of a decree that came forth from one of the leaders of the mother ship and published in the official papal newsletter. Doug Jones wrote,

Reading someone’s heart motives in the worst possible light is the height of arrogance. In drawing a distinction between Himself and man, God regularly describes Himself alone as the One able to “look on the heart,” while man can only look on appearances (I Sam. 16:7). When we attribute evil motives to others, we are sinfully grabbing at a divine jurisdiction. Instead we are to turn away from “evil suspicion” (I Tim 6:4) and act with a love that “thinks no evil” (I Cor. 13:5). As always, would we want this other person to attribute evil motives to us in similar circumstances? Is there a better, more loving, motive we can attribute to that person? There always is if we truly want to persevere in love. (Douglas Jones, Credenda Agenda, volume 7, issue 2)

So I urge confederate Sends to obey this papal bull by turning away from the “height of arrogance,” even if this contradicts Pope Doug’s example. Indeed, I implore him to cease from “sinfully grabbing at a divine jurisdiction,” even though it may cost him monkey-boy points. Moreover, I want to encourage confederate Sends to walk in all lowliness of mind, esteeming others better than themselves, for if he obeys Scripture, perhaps God will use him as a catalyst for reformation in that utterly corrupt denomination called the CREC.

Thank you.