Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Glimpse Inside the War Room

Last week I mentioned the Biblical Horizons group — a private Yahoo group for the Federal Visionist sect to say what’s really on their minds. Here’s a self-explanatory email exchange between Mark Horne and Douglas Wilson, but I want to point out that whenever Wilson says he’ll run it past the elders, he is really saying “no.” They exist as empty holes in space that nod their heads up and down whenever the Little Man Behind the Curtain postulates one of his brilliant ideas or to provide cover for him when he needs a plausible excuse, which ever is more convenient. And in this case, Wilson had no interest in releasing the correspondence between Christ Church and Illiana Presbytery because it was too embarrassing to the Kirk. But just in case Mark Horne is still interested, this website has all of the relevant documentation necessary to know exactly what happened when Christ Church helped Burk Shade split a PCA church and then “vindicated” him after the PCA deposed him.

At 09:37 PM, on February 23, 2003, you wrote:

Since the sons of Belial and their victims are beginning to cite the Illiana case as a triumph over the false Gospel of Norman Shepherd, I respectfully request of Doug Wilson, Burke Shade, and all other CRE members on the list that they consider web-publishing their correspondance [sic] with Illiana presbytery and relevant data.

Mark Horne

February 24, 2003

I will bring it up to our session this next Thursday morning. Thanks for the heads up.


Thank you.