Thursday, November 29, 2007

Questions and Answers

Lane Keister listed four questions on his website that he believes cannot be answered to everyone’s satisfaction. I disagree with Lane, however, and have provided an honest answer for each question.

  1. Is Rev. Wilson right that RE Mattes has been injudicious in his comments about him?

  2. Yes: The Most Holy Reverend Wilson (TMHRDW) is correct to assert the RE Mattes has been injudicious in his comments about him because RE Mattes deserves neither the presumption of innocence nor the judgment of charity.

  3. Are TE Hutchison and RE Mattes right, that the series of communications that RE Mattes received from an elder of Rev. Wilson’s church, Mike Lawyer, were an inappropriate attack perhaps intended to silence his speaking out against Rev. Wilson; and that Mr. Lawyer’s action represents an example of a pattern of such attacks experienced by others who have voiced opposition to Rev. Wilson?

  4. No, and anyone who points you to the great cloud of witnesses who have testified to TMHRDW’s reign of terror (ROT) is a cowardly anonymous accuser who deserves to join the piles of dead bodies littering TMHRDW’s past ministry.

  5. Are those who disagree with TE Hutchison’s posting of the links right?

  6. Yes: TMHRDW did not give TE Hutchison permission to post those links because he believes the documented facts — covered with his fingerprints and signed by his hand — on those websites are false.

  7. Are those who believe there is a pattern of bullying opponents on the part of Wilson and supporters right?

  8. No. And if you disagree, then expect a visit from Doug’s Thugs.
Thank you.