Friday, December 28, 2007

You’d Think He’d Get the Hint

Since I mentioned Rev. Jason Stellman earlier, let me share another story related to the area where he’s planting a church.

Trinity Church in Kirkland, Washington, is a charter member of the CRE (now called the CREC and since we’re on it, Trinity Church used to be called Eastside Evangelical Fellowship or EEF). And as a charter member, EEF enjoyed some success for its first five years in the confederation. Things changed, however, in 2003 when serious doubts about the CRE’s founder began creeping into the minds of EEF’s leadership. And very slowly, one officer after another began resigning their office and their membership from EEF, and since 2003 they have lost 5 deacons and 6 elders.

Here’s the catch. While some of these men stepped down for personal reasons, most of them cited concerns over the church’s direction and some of them specified the unhealthy influence of the CREC’s founder as their primary reason for leaving. EEF used to have 300 to 400 members but now they’re down to 75 to 150 (depending on the source). Call it addition through subtraction or church growth CREC style. But whatever you call it, you’d think the CREC’s founder would get the hint.

Nevertheless, I am thankful that God sent Pastor Stellman to Washington because I am sure that his Calvary Chapel background combined with his seminary training has helped minister to a few of these wandering sheep. May God bless them all.

Thank you.