Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lies Within Lies

I find it “astonishing” that Beelzeblog can chastise Guy Waters for not acknowledging the exam he took in front of a few hand-picked confederates, when he insists on misrepresenting the CREC’s form of government as a “presbytery” even though, as its founder and chief architect, he knows it’s a “confederation”:

One of the things that became obvious throughout this review of Waters’ book on the Federal Vision was the extraordinarily sloppy job done by Waters in representing my views fairly or accurately. Unfortunately, this pattern continues in the footnotes and bibliography.

An astonishing ommission [sic] in the bibliography is the doctrinal examination I took before my presbytery in order to address these question. That examination can be found . . . . (“Making the Necessary Qualifications”)

Thank you.