Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fully Documented Anonymous Attack

Continuing our fully documented anonymous attack against Steven “Machen” Wilkins’ plagiarism, we proceed to the next chapter of his book Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee, which he titled “Birth and Lineage” but could have just as well called “Lineage and Boyhood” because he took the vast majority of his text from a chapter of the same name from the book The Life and Letters of Robert E. Lee, by William Jones. To be sure, ol’ “Machen” Wilkins stuck to Williams’ blueprint with little variation, except that he garnished his text with words taken directly from R. E. Lee by Douglas Southall Freeman, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his work in 1935. Of course, the wag in me wonders if we should nominate Steven “Machen” Wilkins for a Pulitzer Prize in plagiarism; perhaps Pastor Wilson could offer his opinion (we know you’re watching, Doug). Wilkins also relied on A.L. Long’s Memoirs of Robert E. Lee, which we fully document on our sister site Fœdero Plagiary as well. Give it a look.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Though I don't oppose what you are doing I would be interested to know why you think it necessary to expose Mr. Wilkins on this score.

Mark T. said...

Hi Daniel,

You ask a good question and the answer is simple: the Federal Visionists maintain that Wilkins is a martyr. In fact, Wilson even compared him to Machen (hence the nickname). But if they want to play the martyr card, which they have done very well so far, then they have to consider ALL of Wilkins’ testimony (remember that the word “martyr” means “witness”). This includes his written works, which he passed off as his own and sold to the general public when he didn’t write a word of it. The man is a complete fake, an intellectual vacuum, and a theological scoundrel. And he is the first Federal Vision martyr.

Is he a Christian? I have no idea. But here we see wholesale violations of the Eighth and Ninth Commandments that he sold for profit, which cuts to the heart of the issue — CHARACTER. This is Steve Wilkins’ character. This is his witness in black, white, and yellow. This is a leader in the Federal Visionist camp. This is their idea of honor and nobility.

So if Wilson and his monkey boys are going to showboat Steve Wilkins before the world, then I believe it’s imperative for them to decorate their cabin cruiser with ALL of his brilliant lights. They want him, they can have him. All of him.

But I want to add that this new wrinkle in the Federal Vision should give LAP another reason to contemplate Bob Mattes’ “friendly advice.” Do they really want to keep hold of this guy with all this luggage? And we haven’t even begun either. We have unbelievable examples in future posts — and all of them reveal the CHARACTER of Steven “Machen” Wilkins.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your reply.

I can understand what you are doing but I am not sure I agree with the why. Are you informing Mr. Wilkins of your expose? Are you doing this in order to bring about repentance on his part?(Galatians 6:1-5).

Just some 'introspective' questions for you to consider.