Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moon This

An anonymous comment on my anonymous attack blog referred me to Beelzeblog’s latest post in his Auburn Avenue category. He writes,

It has been recently pointed out that my degrees are in philosophy, not theology, and that therefore I ought not to be messing around with the Reformed confessions. I agree with this sentiment entirely, which is why I don’t go around messing with the confessions. But unfortunately, while it is possible for a man like me to avoid messing with the confessions, it is not possible to keep some people’s children from asserting that I have been messing with the confessions. (“Mooning the Ref”)

I presume these words are his response to this comment on Green Bagginses. Regardless, I would like to remind the Prince of Blog and Mablog of something he wrote at another time, in what is arguably his most controversial book:

Something can be “confessional” and wrong. But we are like the obedient boy in the parable — we say the confession could be wrong, but then we affirm the confession. (“Reformed” Is Not Enough, page 8, emphasis original)

Therefore, if the he really believes that he lacks the proper training to “go around messing with the confessions,” i.e. he isn’t intellectually qualified, then I recommend he refrain from speculating — in print — that the confession could be wrong.

Thank you.