Monday, December 10, 2007

“the central importance of church discipline”

In 1998 the CREC held its “first annual” convention of confederates. And true to form, this band of independent churches bound by a constitution that has no mechanism to hold its members accountable called themselves a “presbytery.” Anyway, according to the minutes Steven “Machen” Wilkins attended this meeting as a visiting delegate:

Exhortation by Steve Wilkins
Patch introduced Steve Wilkins, pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church. Steve exhorted the presbytery to be a church which is faithful to her calling, acknowledges her sin, preaches with authority, is openly Reformed, seeks biblical, tangible unity, holds to orthodoxy with thankfulness, understands the central importance of church discipline, and is traditional without being traditionalistic. (Minutes, Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals, First Annual Presbytery, January 30, 1998, page 2)

Maybe it’s just me, but this exhortation strikes me as ironic.

Thank you.


Wesley Sims said...

For more irony:

Wilkins on dealing with Heresy and ethical compromise: "Those Who Hold the Doctrine of Balaam"

Wilkins on when rulers are to be obeyed and when they may (and must) be resisted:
"The Honorable Ruler" and "Biblical Patriotism"

These sermons may be found at this link:

"The Lord Jesus says, 'I have the sword, I will cut everybody’s head off who doesn’t obey Me, including pagan magistrates'"....."You’re going to have to have to deal with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and young people you remember it. You belong to Him; you turn away from Him and you’re going to have to face Him. You compromise secretly, thinking Momma and Daddy don’t know, you’re gonna face Him because He knows. He’s a far greater enemy to you than your Daddy or Momma will be. Because He knows the truth about you and they don’t."

"Those Who Hold the Doctrine of Balaam"

Suffer little children....