Monday, December 24, 2007


The Federal Visionists are quick to say that they are teachable and open to correction. Unfortunately, none of them, to a man, has ever allowed their critics to instruct them nor have any of them conceded any error of significance. Perhaps they could learn a lesson from Dr. Gary Johnson, who admitted the other day that I actually “improved” his excellent comment from Green Bagginsess.

Unfortunately for Dr. Johnson, he must now pay the price for defying the Fearless Leader’s holy decree to ignore my fully documented anonymous attack blog. Thankfully, though, he counted the cost beforehand and has braced himself for the Kult’s automatic punishment against all those who dare resist Beelzeblog’s papal bulls — shunning.

GLW Johnson said,
December 22, 2007 at 8:43 am

I am going to submit all future comments for editoral review to “Mark T.” He did a really nice job of making my extended comment (#97) much improved. However, I am somewhat worried that my association with “Mark T.” might render me “persona non grata” at the next Trinity Fest.

Nevertheless, I encourage all you Federal Visionists who are reading this to take a lesson from Dr. Johnson’s example. Admit your mistake, incur the wrath of the Perfect One, and show a little gratitude — learn to say “Thank you.”