Saturday, December 8, 2007

Falling Cherry Blossoms

Andy Webb has another excellent post on the Warfield List, which references certain facts covered in the following story by P&R News.

October stated meeting

The 72nd stated meeting of Louisiana Presbytery was hosted by the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Monroe, Louisiana, on October 19, 2002. Mr. Rich Lusk brought a sermon from Isaiah 11:1–10, and the Auburn Avenue Session administered the Lord’s Supper.

Mr. Lusk was examined and approved for ordination as assistant pastor at the Auburn Avenue Church, with a package of $42,500. He noted the following exceptions to the Standards of the PCA:
  1. paedocommunion: he believes that baptized children should be included in the Lord’s Supper, contrary to WLC 177 and BCO 58-2;

  2. he does not believe that general family recreation is unlawful on the Lord’s Day, contrary to WCF 21-8, WSC 61, and WLC 119;

  3. he does not think that the term “covenant of works” (cf. WCF 7-2) is an accurate way of expressing the pre-fall relationship of God with man, and prefers the term “covenant of life”;

  4. he believes that the private administration of baptism is permissible in extreme (emergency) situations, contrary to BCO 56-2;

  5. he believes that suspension from the Lord’s table should not be differentiated from excommunication, contrary to WCF 30-4, BCO 30-3 and 36-5;

  6. he subscribes to Calvin’s four office view (pastor, teacher, elder, and deacon) contrary to BCO 8-1 and 8-4.
The Rev. Dr. Jim Jones, the Stated Clerk of Presbytery, recorded his negative vote on approving the portion of the ordination examination which covered the sacraments. . . . Presbytery elected the following officers for 2003: Stated Clerk, Jim Jones; Treasurer, Volney Pierce; Moderator, William R. Smith.

The Rev. Steve Wilkins gave the closing devotional on Isaiah 64.

Frank Smith, we miss you.

Thank you.