Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ethically and Morally

From the Biblical Horizons “members only” email list:

May 29, 2003
The Bunny wrote:


I’m reading through William H. Willimon’s new book Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry (Abingdon, 2002). So for it’s okay. But I’m repeatedly irked by positive references to all sorts of quasi-orthodox “pastors.” Martin Luther King, Jr., for example. What to do with the guy? I have a hard time taking him seriously. Isn’t there something to the accusations of womanizing and plagiarism (for his doctorate)? Are there any good sources for learning more about him?


check out Ralph Abernathy’s The Walls Came Tumbling Down for confirmation of King’s promiscuity (Abernathy is an honorable man and a Christian, he admired King very much but acknowledged what everyone around him knew. His womanizing was well known among his entourage)

Theodore Pappas is the one who did the work exposing the details on King’s doctorate, his articles first appeared in Chronicles magazine (they may be in the archives on the Chronicles web site). Pappas’ findings have not been refuted though Boston University did try to justify its action in granting the doctorate in light of the revelations.

Whatever you may think of his politics, M.L. King was a mess ethically and morally.

sw [Steve Wilkins]

Steve Wilkins, call your office.

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