Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To the Editor

After WORLD Magazine covered the original story of Wilson’s and Wilkins’ co-plagiarism in Southern Slavery As It Was, Steve Wilkins wrote this letter to the editor:

WORLD’s brief notice regarding “Slavery as It Was” inaccurately stated that sections of the booklet were “stolen.” The portions that were labeled “plagiarism” came straight from my lecture notes which were not referenced and I neglected to go through them carefully and reference them properly before submitting them for inclusion in the booklet. There was never any intent to “steal” anything or deceive anyone, however. I always made plain in lectures that this material was drawn from Time on the Cross and was not my own. Though it may be acceptable to note this orally, it is inappropriate and inexcusable not to make plain your sources when you publish material. Since I did not do this, I deserve all the blame for this sloppy, inexcusable, and unjustifiable action. My negligence is culpable but it was not thievery — and none of this was Doug Wilson’s fault. As far as this story is concerned, the blame is all mine.

— Steve Wilkins; Monroe, La.

Thank you.