Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quick Note

A quick note to any person who ever felt compelled to answer one of Douglas Wilson’s misrepresentations: DON’T. Do not answer him because it’s not worth your time. This is all a game for him.

It goes like this: he gets to put words in your mouth, impute evil motives to you, and generally make you look like an incompetent boob, while he acts as pure as the wind-driven snow. Wilson creates handles for him to grab in these situations, so that he can hook you. And misrepresentation is his most effective method for creating a handle. He misrepresents you knowing that you’ll want to respond — to correct him — and then he’s got you. He’ll start swinging you round the room with those handles, and just when you think it’s corrected, he’ll misrepresent you again to keep it going. IT IS ALL A GAME FOR HIM, as long as he remains the center of attention and you keep coming back for more.

Take my blog, for example. He refuses to address the content here, choosing instead to hold the handles of an “anonymous attack blog.” He completely ignores the heavy documentation on this blog and keeps pounding his ridiculous mantra “anonymous attack blog.”

But if I identified myself, he would immediately ad hom me, and then attack my family and my friends, to silence me. Further, he would dispatch an attack squad of monkey boys to my place of employment to harass them into silencing me, and he would send intimidating emails to my family, intending to scare the hell out of them. He has done this to countless souls on the Palouse, as well as a few people elsewhere. I have documented these facts on this blog, which he ignores because he has his self-made handle that won’t let go: “anonymous attack blog.”

So the moral of this story is to ignore him — no matter what he says. He is an evil, vindictive, conniving son of Belial (SOB), who does the will of his father. And the sooner the Catholic church learns this lesson, the sooner we will remedy all the turmoil he has caused.

Now, I want thank Mr. Wilson for sending me lots of new readers. To those of you who are new, I urge you to read the following two posts if you want to know what Wilson really thinks of presbyterian polity: “The Worst Lot of All” and “Snakes Within the Covenant.”

Thank you.


Anonymous said...


I cannot verify what you say here but I do find it interesting that those (in a former ecclesiastical setting I once found myself in) who were pro-FV acted EXACTLY the same way as you describe Wilson.

Others I have met have also recounted similar experiences. It seems that theFV is not simply a theology but a way of life.

Mark T. said...


FV is not a theological system; it is a malignant extension of Douglas Wilson, and the minute he repents or drops dead the entire problem will disappear. I understand that communions such as the PCA must address the false teaching, but the sooner the leaders of the Reformed church grasp the essence of the problem, the sooner they can devise a plan to rid themselves of it, which in this case will require them to “mark” Douglas Wilson pursuant to Romans 16:17, which states, “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.”

Douglas Wilson is the disease; Scripture provides the remedy.