Friday, October 26, 2007

Update From the Land of DUMB

After accusing multiple men of false witness (without evidence), Douglas Wilson took a moment out of his busy blogging schedule to divine the mind of Lane Keister, writing,

Lane, just for the record, I was talking about the list of men you named, many of whom have misrepresented me. I was not talking about you — I believe that you have labored to understand what I am saying. You are an Elihu among the FV critics, exasperated by the way the argument from the older guys is staggering along, and quite decently pretending not to be exasperated.

Remarkably, he wrote this despite this affirmation from Lane:

Secondly, would Wilson really say that there has been no debate on these issues? Or does each denomination have to spend 40 or 50 years hashing it out with every single FV advocate? What was the Knox Colloquium and the thousands upon thousands of emails exchanged surrounding that Colloquium? Please don’t tell me that was just shooting the breeze. If the FV cannot be legitimately clarified by such debate, then exactly how helpful is it for the Church? Also, I fervently hope that the FV is not here assuming that their blogs have not been read by the critics. Because that would be a really, really stupid thing to say. The difficulty here is that (for both sides) open debate (unlike Knox) has invariably produced much more heat than light.

Memo to Lane:
You have to do a better job hiding your exasperation. It’s not a good idea to let Wilson and his fellow Federal Visionists see your frustration with the “older guys.” You give too much away.

PS: “DUMB” stands for “Doug’s Universe of Make Believe.” Read more here.

Thank you.