Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A quick note on the category “DUMB.” Last month I posted a comment on Green Baggins (outstanding blog) wherein I coined the acronym DUMB to describe “Doug’s Universe of Make Believe,” which is a fantasyland of Douglas Wilson’s making, where deception is reality and truth is an existential proposition subject to change when found inconvenient. Here is the comment in full:


Gary Johnson’s latest post reveals the remarkable phenomenon that takes place whenever DUMB (Doug’s Universe of Make Believe) intersects with the universe known as REALITY, which took place yesterday when Douglas Wilson wrote this comment.

In Wilson’s mind, he believed that his response had effectively answered Gary’s comment here. However, the King of DUMB seldom accounts for REALITY whenever he postulates his fabrications, which usually results in a collision with the hard facts of life that the King of DUMB never explains. It just hangs there like an inexplicable mystery of the universe.

But there’s another remarkable phenomenon that takes place when DUMB collides with REALITY, because Douglas Wilson is not the only soul who lives in DUMB. Of a truth he has succeeded in populating DUMB with thousands of like-minded souls who live on every word that proceeds from the mouth of Doug, and when these poor lost souls read a post such as Gary Johnson’s, all circuits in DUMB go on overload until they realize that this collision only affects the laws of reason and not the laws of the universe. In other words, as long as they turn off their brains, nothing will change their mundane lives if they consent to Wilson’s deception. At that point the inhabitants of DUMB resume their daily existences until the next time REALITY blows their circuits and they must once again throw the off switch in their rapidly dimming minds.

But wouldn’t it be nice if just once when DUMB collides with REALITY, one of DUMB’s dignitaries, such as Archbishop Booth, would step forward and actually hold Wilson accountable for his habitual misrepresentations rather than allow him to point to those empty holes in space and say, “My presbytery holds me accountable.”

Thank you.

This comment may be helpful as well in comprehending the land of DUMB.

Thank you.