Monday, October 8, 2007

Malevolence Unmitigated

Yesterday I witnessed the cruelest, most vicious, unfeeling act committed by a human being in pubic since witnessing the way Douglas Wilson treats former members of his congregation after they leave his cure.

Miami Dolphins’ quarterback Trent Green tried blocking Houston Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson by launching himself into Johnson’s knees, head first, which knocked him unconscious with a grade-three concussion. If you watch the replay (every half hour on ESPN), you’ll see Green’s body fall limp to the turf at contact and he laid on the ground completely motionless, as though he broke his neck. After the whistle, Johnson angrily walked over to Green, stood over his dead-like body, and taunted the unconscious quarterback, wagging his finger and talking trash. The ref threw a flag, but somehow 15 yards strikes me as a small price for an act of such unmitigated malevolence. Methinks the league should compel him to sit through a Christ Church beating as just retribution for his crime.