Monday, October 29, 2007

Bug-eating Cornhuskers

Dr. R. Scott Clark writes,

I rarely miss a Nebraska Football game. I missed most of Saturday’s game at Austin against Texas. I didn’t have high hopes. One of the things I missed was a good play-by-play call by Kevin Kugler on Westwood One. Kevin is a local sports talk show host in Omaha — who ought to be calling the Husker games and is much better than the official play-by-play guy, Jim Rose. Turns out that they almost won. Fans are down to moral victories. The Huskers led, lost the lead, and nearly came back to win. They lost 28-25. They are 4-5. Yikes! More turmoil in Lincoln.

This reminds me of a question and answer I heard a long time ago (which works better out loud rather than reading it):

Question: What does the “N” on Nebraska’s football helmet stand for?

Answer: “Knowledge.”


R. Scott Clark said...

It used to stand for national championships!


Perhaps it will again.

Go Big Red


Mark T. said...

Tom Osborne sure put together some scary teams back then. They never had a “rebuilding” season; they simply “reloaded.”