Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some People Laugh While Others Don’t Cry

Earlier this week at the dinner table I read this exchange to my family and when I got to Pastor Hutchison’s question, “Did anybody else read my comment #6 above to be teaching any (or all!) of these things? I can’t imagine that anybody else did,” my wife shot milk out her nostrils — “And what did he expect?”

This brings me to Green Baggins’ analysis of Wilson’s interpretation of Pastor Hutchison’s comments. Lane says that Wilson committed the “word-concept fallacy,” but I think this is an example of Lane applying generous portions of the judgment of charity instead of sound logic. Most folks who’ve ever called Wilson to account, as Pastor Hutchison did in this instance, know that he relies on distortion, misrepresentation, and deceit to stand his ground. And he deploys these rhetorical tools without compunction.

Put another way, for him to commit false witness is tantamount to spilled milk — no use crying over it.