Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Would Jeffrey Meyers Sign This?

On a more serious note, I want to substantiate my testimony that Douglas Wilson applies economic sanctions against those who disagree with, criticize, or oppose him. And while I have several accounts to cite, I want to isolate one in particular, which I referenced earlier on Green Baggins.

Two years ago the professor of music for New Saint Andrews College voted against promoting Nathan Wilson to full fellow. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the unwritten rule that voting at Christ Church is like voting in the former USSR — never vote no. So Roy Atwood took him behind closed doors to explain the importance of loyalty in the voting process, but still the professor refused to change his vote. In fact, he said, “Nate Wilson’s arrogance is the reason I would never allow my children to attend NSA.” Roy replied with the standard “loyalty” lecture and the man answered, “Why do you ask me to vote if you don’t want me to vote my conscience?” Roy informed him that they used the vote to determine the conscience.

The professor, who also served as the Christ Church minister of music, then met with two elders and, after offloading his truck to them, asked, “So, am I going to go the way of Brian?” (long-time Canon Press manager whom Jones terminated after he questioned his wife’s loyalty to Christ Church). Both elders blushed and answered, “No, this is nothing that we can’t work out.”

Then the professor and his wife met with Pastor Wilson on two occasions, but they resolved nothing except that Wilson said he planned on sending a letter to the congregation in about a week. One week later the members of Christ Church received this letter, and a week after that Doug Wilson asked the minister and his wife to sign a contract that contained the following clause:

Commitment to Loyalty
I pledge to conduct myself in such a way that no one could ever question my loyalty to the peace and purity of Christ Church. This includes refusing to speak to any unauthorized person about grievances I might have, and includes refusing to hear any such criticisms as well. If commitment to this standard in any way compromises my conscience, then I understand that my resignation will be accepted, without notice, and without prejudice.

The Christ Church minister of music refused to sign the document and immediately resigned his membership from Christ Church, but Wilson refused to accept his resignation and sent an email to the church announcing it. The man said, “You don’t have a choice, I’m out of here,” and the rest is history.

Now, I believe that the “Commitment to Loyalty” clause constitutes an economic sanction against the minister of music, who derived half of his salary from Christ Church (the other half from NSA). Douglas Wilson disagrees with me. Therefore, rather than argue the point with him, I want to bring this full circle.

If the “Commitment to Loyalty” clause contained initials the “PCA” instead of the words “Christ Church,” would Jeffrey Meyers and Mark Horne be willing to sign it? or would they scream, “Freeeeeeedom,” with Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart?

Let’s see what kind of tyranny the Federal Vision sanctions.