Monday, October 29, 2007


A special hat tip to Sean Gerety of God’s Hammer for catching Steven Wilkins’ new uniform. Personally, in my opinion, the collar matches the rug too closely, but this is not a fashion site so I shall refrain from further comment. Anyway, the pic piqued my interest enough to surf the church site and I noticed that the Monroe boys have scheduled the Godfather himself — Jacobus Jordanius — the Magister Contradictus, to speak at the upcoming Auburn Ave. Pastors Conference. Interestingly, he too dons a popish choker. I heard a rumor that the CREC actually gives their ministers a clothing allowance for these garbs, but I have not confirmed this. Finally, here’s an excellent site for all of you aspiring CREC ministers to peruse. It’s called Beauty Tips for Ministers. And as you shop, don’t forget the first rule of the Little Man Behind the Curtain, “appearance is more important than substance.”