Monday, October 1, 2007

Federal Sanctions

One last comment regarding Douglas Wilson’s horrible treatment of his brother Evan, and then a connecting thought: Evan taught at Logos School for many years (I’m guessing more than a decade) and one day Doug proposed that the school board amend its statement of faith to prevent it from employing anyone who held Open Theism. At the same time, Doug assured Evan that he was not making a move on his brother’s job; rather, he was simply taking care of loose ends. And after the board adopted Doug’s proposed amendment, they terminated Evan’s employment. Naturally, Doug is a lifetime member of the board.

Connected to this is one of Doug’s primary weapons that he uses against his perceived enemies (anyone who effectively criticizes him): economic sanctions. Take this to the bank — whenever someone nails Wilson in the public forum, the first place he looks to seek revenge is money — economic sanctions. It’s a natural reflex. Sadly, several people in the Moscow–Pullman community have learned the hard way that Douglas Wilson exacts a high price from those who criticize or oppose him.

College professors, administrators, politicians, and your everyday regular Joes — it doesn’t matter — Wilson dispatches his goon squad (aka “Doug’s Thugs”) to initiate a complaint campaign against the target, and they begin writing letters and making phone calls to the person’s employer, complaining about some exaggerated or fabricated act committed by the target. The goal is always to silence the target through intimidation or termination, and Wilson has succeeded on more than one occasion. These facts are all true and many people in town will testify to it (and have; I hope to write more on this in greater detail, i.e. with documentation, in the near future).

This is one reason I conceal my identity. I refuse to give Wilson the inside track on harassing me or my employer, and I intend to develop the subject of anonymity in the near future as well.


Sean Gerety said...

Not that I have any sympathy with "open theism" and I can hardly object to a Christian school ending the employment of a teacher with those views, the rest of what you say is quite amazing. If true, it sounds like not only is Wilson wrong on justification and is a false teacher, he's a bully too. I look forward to you providing documentation and support for your charges above. Those are pretty serious charges.

BTW, I really enjoyed that FV blogger exchange. Very funny and well done.