Monday, April 7, 2008

“Let Them Alone”

This is a follow-up to Patrick Poole’s post “R.C. Sproul, Jr.: Scandalizing the Body of Christ” and it’s more groundwork for a post I’m drafting. I hope you find it helpful.

Everyone recalls how, for about a year or so, Doug Wilson endeavored with all his might to disrupt the PCA’s disciplinary process as it applied to Steven “Machen” Wilkins. Whether raging confident about a “stacked committee” or stirring up strife over a “strong presumption of guilt” or breathing out threats and slaughter when it appeared inevitable that Steve Wilkins would face trial — Beelzeblog established Solomon’s words — “A fool lays open his folly.”

Of course, none of these canards really meant anything to Wilson. He certainly didn’t believe them and it’s not as though he tried to raise honest concerns in an honorable way. Not at all. It was obvious from the beginning that he wanted to knock the process off balance because he knew, as everyone else knew, that neither Wilkins nor any other Federal Visionists could harmonize their theology with Westminster. So he blew the first thing that came to his head and prosecuted the point, however absurd, until he could create more handles by blowing harder. And he creates these handles — these talking points — to give his disciples — those “dumb” folks who will follow him to the ends of the Earth and beyond — something to grasp. Just think of it as doug-opiate for the masses.

At this point I hear all the monkey boys in the land of DUMB screech from their cyber trees — “See, you’re slandering again; you don’t know he doesn’t believe these things! Of course he believes it or else he wouldn’t say it!” But in objecting to the obvious they only prove John Piper’s observation. I honestly cannot understand why no one thought to ask the Fearless Leader why the leaders of the Kult ever put someone on trial. Hello. They put folks on trial in the Kult because they established a strong presumption of guilt, at least by their standard. Well, that’ not true. They put folks on trial in the Kult so that they can point to the show trial to justify the public execution. Trials in the Kult are mere formalities — table dressing for the execution, but that’s grist for another post. Obviously they impute a strong presumption of guilt to the accused before they try them — why else would they try them? You don’t think they hold trials because they presume innocence on the part of the accused, do you? And they certainly don’t have to worry about stacking the jury — the Fearless Leader has already told the elders how to vote, and unfortunately no witnesses are present to do their imitation of John Madden with his Xs and Os and all. They declare the accused guilty of crimes against whatever after an unfair and partial trial (think Jezebel setting up Naboth) and duly execute him before a multitude of witnesses.

Consequently we know that Dougzilla threw monkey clumps and banana peels at the PCA strictly for entertainment purposes. The big gorilla was having fun at the PCA’s expense while simultaneously giving his disciples something to believe — no matter how ridiculous or implausible. And the whole point of this exercise was to run interference for Wilkins (who vowed to uphold the PCA’s form of government) by creating doubt and confusion. Mark that: in the end Wilson’s primary objective was to defend Wilkins by discrediting the PCA. For him, Sin covers a multitude of scoundrels and in the end Wilkins landed in the CREC without a hitch.

Anyone who can think critically knows this is true, but Wilson and the CREC have furnished us with a test case to establish these facts another way: Enter RC Sproul Jr and his three elders — the St. Peter Four. Those of you unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of this case should read Patrick Poole’s brilliant post “R.C. Sproul, Jr.: Scandalizing the Body of Christ” so that you may begin to comprehend the staggering enormity of these men’s sin.

On January 26, 2006, the RPCGA issued a Declaratory Judgment against the St. Peter Four for a catalog of crimes against the Lord Jesus Christ that is as long as it is shocking. There are not words in the human tongue strong enough to condemn these thugs for the unconscionably wicked, deceitful, and abusive measures they exacted against God’s saints and even now I am at a complete loss to describe it. This may explain why the Declaratory Judgment concludes, stating:

In view of the request made by Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. and given the authority of this office by the Elders of Westminster Presbytery, the following ruling is hereby issued. Considering the pattern of behavior noted above, the Session of St. Peter Presbyterian Church has proven to be irresponsible in their duties as ministers of the Gospel. They have proven they are not men under authority of this denomination because they are continually acting outside of the Book of Church Order. Their actions, in matters of writing, teaching, articles on their web site, and practice, in each of the issues above demonstrate that they have no interest in preserving the peace, purity, and unity of the Church and its order, which includes conforming all their actions to the requirements thereof. Therefore, in order to protect the Church of Jesus Christ from any further damage and humiliation (WCF 20:4), the Moderator hereby declares the following declaration by the authority vested in this office and the expressed support of the Elders of Westminster Presbytery to carryout their will in these matters.

Judicial Action: Deposition from Office
The Moderator, by the authority of the Elders of Westminster Presbytery, herein deposes from the office of Elder, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Mr. Laurence Windham, Mr. Wayne Hayes and Mr. Jay Barfield and dismisses them to the general membership of Westminster Presbytery. They are to be held for trial pending additional charges, both public and personal, that are currently being investigated. The consistent pattern of actions taken by these men are duplicitous in nature, and demonstrate that they willingly and knowingly act in an arbitrary fashion in violation of their vows of ordination and in violation of our denomination’s Book of Church Order. Most importantly, their actions manifest that they lack the qualification for the ministry (1 Timothy 3:1–7). It would be unwise to allow these men to continue to hold an office for which they are not qualified. They have no interest to govern themselves appropriately within this presbyterian system of government that they vowed to submit and conform to its rules and regulations with conduct becoming ministers of Jesus Christ. (Declaratory Judgment, 10, 11)

Sobering words. No, more than that. An indictment this damning that the respondents substantiated with unqualified confessions should move everyone to cover their mouths in dread. Face it: the RPCGA had no choice but to pull the trigger on these brute beasts, and if the St. Peter Four had had any spiritual life in them they would have fallen on their faces in fear and trembling. They would have repented in sackcloth and ashes, pleading for forgiveness from everyone they abused and making restitution to them, as true servants, for the rest of their lives. This veritable Rolodex of offenses — which they freely owned as the fruit of their ministry — should not make a man consider his call to the ministry — it should make him consider his relationship to God. (Yes, you must be born again to see the kingdom of God.) After all, a minister cannot be a wolf and a sheep at the same time and true Christians don’t earn livings persecuting the brethren.

Enter Beelzeblog and the CREC. The laundry list of felonies and misdemeanors in the RPCGA’s Declaratory Judgment is kid’s play for the CREC — it’s the stuff of April Fools’ Day jokes. Therefore, less than a month after (much sooner if you have any street smarts) the RPCGA deposed the St. Peter Four, the CREC set in motion the wheels of ecclesiastical corruption to refrock these defrocked degenerates. Never mind the words “in order to protect the Church of Jesus Christ from any further damage and humiliation.” The Fearless Leader knew they were a perfect fit for the CREC when he read, “They have no interest to govern themselves appropriately within this presbyterian system of government that they vowed to submit and conform to its rules and regulations with conduct becoming ministers of Jesus Christ.” Crooks, knaves, fools — all of them.

But there’s one particularly aggravating circumstance in the CREC’s handling of the St. Peter Four when compared with their handling of Steve Wilkins that you need to see. When the CREC positioned itself to abrogate the RPCGA’s Declaratory Judgment and refrock the St. Peter Four, they (Wilson) had Sister Randy Booth issue a public statement calling on everyone to butt out of the whitewashing process:

The RPCGA has deposed the former session of St. Peter from office and has also released both the St. Peter congregation and her former session from RPCGA membership without censure. . . . The RPCGA has not precluded the possibility that some or all of the St. Peter session might be reinstated to office in the future, provided they go through the normal credentialing process. That is not to say that reinstatement is a forgone conclusion, only that the judgment of the RPCGA does not necessarily call for their permanent exclusion from office. . . . Some of these matters have been treated in an anti-ecclesiastical way via web sites on the worldwide web. There is definitely false and misleading information that is being advanced at some of these sites, including false information pertaining to the nature and make-up of the CREC Commission. Self-appointed arbiters of justice do not contribute to a godly resolution of anything and we hereby call upon them to recuse themselves from such public discourse, to immediately remove any material related to these matters from the web, and to pray for all those affected by these matters. (“RE: Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol, TN,”)

These guys really know how to pile the baloney. Stack it high, baby — high and tight. Look at their super-sanctimonious posturing. Such equitable language, such righteous indignation, such holy zeal for the truth — O let all the Earth keep silent, the CREC hath spoken. The only problem is that while this band of rogues in the CREC had absolutely no authority to sit in judgment of the RPCGA’s Declaratory Judgment, let alone reinstate the St. Peter Four, they demanded the very courtesy of the entire Christian church that they refused to show to the PCA in the Wilkins’ case. And don’t forget that the PCA actually had standing over Wilkins. Oh, I know, the PCA deserved it. After all, the Fearless Leader decreed it. Doug said it. I believe it. That settles it. But this does not remove the stain of hypocrisy from their actions. Rather, it reveals it.

Douglas Wilson taunted and harassed the PCA with obnoxious tirades and petulant tantrums while that communion pursued peace and purity in decency and order. And when the PCA’s disciplinary process finally isolated that rancid scoundrel Steve Wilkins for trial, Wilson and the CREC snatched him from the jaws of accountability under cover of night. But the point is that their MO was just the opposite with the St. Peter Four. In that instance they blew off the Declaratory Judgment as if the devastating facts against those hoodlums carried no weight and stared down anyone who dared question their actions. In fact, they preempted criticism with a blanket condemnation of all objections in advance. But where were the preemptory denouncements in the Wilkins’ case? Where were Randy Booth and his fellow CREC confederates when Beelzeblog relentlessly attacked the PCA for the last year? I didn’t hear any of them say,

Some of these matters have been treated in an anti-ecclesiastical way via web sites on the worldwide web. There is definitely false and misleading information that is being advanced at some of these sites, including false information pertaining to the nature and make-up of the CREC Commission. Self-appointed arbiters of justice do not contribute to a godly resolution of anything and we hereby call upon them to recuse themselves from such public discourse, to immediately remove any material related to these matters from the web, and to pray for all those affected by these matters.

I didn’t see any of them posture in their long flowing robes or flash a collar like a badge. All I heard were the Fearless Leader’s cheerleaders shout hurrah as they waved their pom-poms on the sidelines.

Pharisaical hypocrites — all of them — they say one thing while they do another. They’re dissemblers of the worst order, using pious spin when they refrocked the St. Peter Four and equally pious spin when they attacked the PCA — except they spun it the other way, turning their high and holy standard upside down.

The CREC confederates are like toilets at a rest stop; their porcelain appears pure and white on the outside. To be sure, some of them even have scent bars. But when you lift the cover, look out. The raw-sewage version of Big Foot jumps at you. IT’S ALIVE! You can flush and plunge all day long but he won’t go away. In fact, he keeps growing because an endless supply of waste — starting with Randy Booth and all the other CREC dignitaries — feeds him from the depths. His only purpose in life is to rot, fester, and stink up the joint, world without end, unless, that is, you call his flaming hypocrisy good fruit. And there’s no getting rid of him because the CREC confederates love to have it so.

The CREC deserves RC Sproul Jr and his three pet reptiles for the same reason they deserve Steve Wilkins, Burke Shade, Randy Booth, and all the other rebels against the kingdom of God that Douglas Wilson has gathered unto himself. But this doesn’t mean the Christian church deserves them. No, there’s no reason the Church should receive back the filth it cast out. In fact, we have every reason and all the incentive you could imagine to obey the command of our Lord regarding these Pharisees: “Let them alone” (Matt. 15:14).

Thank you.


Wesley Sims said...

"So are they all, all honorable men--"

If you don't believe it, just read the words of some of their other followers and defenders:

Beware the hives of March.

sean said...

Timely and convincing. So, what's their end-game? Power? Does Doug live opulently? I've got John Hagee (rhema) down the road from me, and his game is obvious-money. He lives in a multi-million dollar home in an exclusive gated community, has his own jet, exercises political clout with his christian america bit, et al. What's Doug after?

Mark T. said...

Hi Sean,

Wilson is definitely a money grubber, a gold bug, a land hoard, and an empire builder, but does he live opulently? Not that I’ve heard or seen. But he certainly controls all the money in the Kult — from his book royalties to the land-purchasing decisions. I believe his end game is to monopolize Moscow into his personal fiefdom, and to get rich in the process.

Currently he’s building/developing what we call a compound on the property surrounding his home. It’s projected to be a gated community of dinky homes (I don’t have the number of homes in front of me, but it’s about 25–40 tiny townhomes). He originally pitched it as a gated community for old folks, but that was just a selling point to City Council. Smart money says it’s going to be a dorm for NSA kids or a total loss. Given what I learned yesterday, it’s fast becoming a financial drain.

But the point is that this development fits into his empire-building scheme, his land-grabbing appetite, and his materialistic objectivity of the covenant.

Mark T. said...

Wesley, I plan to get back to you with some follow-up when things slow down.

Anonymous said...

Their end game? They will rule with a rod of iron. They are looking for a “Heiland” like scenario, where they come out on top. The gold they hold, along with their guns and religious doctrine, will constitute an irresistible political force once our government crashes. They believe that our government will crash: it is a mathematical certainty. They believe that the fractional reserve banking system is the Achilles’ Heel of the American Empire. They have discussed this for at least fifteen years. Their expectations can be self-fulfilling in many ways. Economically speaking, we are long overdue for a correction, a “reversion to the mean.” This correction will take us back at least to the 1700s or 1800s. At that point, they will rule with God, guns, and gold.

Mark T. said...


Hyperbole aside (and I’m not sure you used any), you hit it on the nose. In the end, it’s a geo-political power game for them. The person with the most physical objects wins. As I contemplate something someone wrote on GB, it’s beginning to dawn on me that accounts for Wilson’s whole “objectivity of the covenant.” Sean and Dr. Robbins are correct. Wilson is a carnal, sensual, materialistic theologian, which is to say that he’s not a theologian at all; he’s a materialist. Physical objects — physical possessions — drive his worldview and I can think of a million different examples to prove this point but the one that sticks out was his willingness to destroy a marriage in the Kult so that in the end he maintained control of a downtown coffee bar.

Political power and physical objects.

Jonathan said...

Mark T,

Is that really all that it's about for Wilson? Building a fiefdom? I guess that I just can't believe that a man would be willing to destroy so many people in order to build a legacy. But then again with all that he's done in the past I can belive it. Especailly after witnessing his followers almost destroy the church I attended.

What I don't understand is the blanket pass he gets from the reformed community. On the one hand they say he's bringing us another gospel then continue on to call him brother. How can a brother in Christ bring us another gospel?

Mark T. said...

Wilson’s “blanket pass” disturbs lots of folks, including me, and it would disturb me more than it does if I didn’t see his blanket shrink significantly over the last few years. It’s safe to say that his credibility has waned so much since 2002 that most of the Reformed church sees him as an anomaly at best or a heretic at worst. So the problem could be worse; things could be no different today than they were in 2000, when Canon Press was grossing over a million in net sales.

Is his devolution (personal and publicly perceived) progressing fast enough? Not for me, but I’m not in charge. Nevertheless, I am certain it’s just a matter of time before his party’s over. Historically the Church has always acted methodically and slowly, much the way Pastor Lane operates, and the good thing about slow operations is that they generally leave no margin for error. So between the Church’s slow wheels of justice, the average pew-sitting Christian’s slow ability to process facts, and Wilson’s rapid descent into madness, he has no hope. These worlds will collide and the blanket shall disappear, along with the carefully polished veneer he placed on Moscow. The fiefdom will collapse beneath its own corruption; Wilson will fade into oblivion with the other cult leaders in history; 800 souls in Moscow will need to be born again, as well as a couple thousand souls across the USA; and another enemy shall appear for the Church to fight.

Kind of depressing.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the sales figures for Canon in more recent years?

Mark T. said...

Negative: we know that they downsized significantly in 2003, blaming it on 9-11, which was a handy excuse to cut loose two men who refused to participate in the imprecatory prayers of that summer (this was an unforgivable act of non-loyalty to the Fearless Leader’s malevolent agenda). We also know that at the same time the Kult opened a “line of credit” with Canon Press to help make payroll. I believe they announced the original line as $60,000; then they extended another $60,000 a few months later. And this was after they whacked the two full-time employees. We also know that Canon Press lost some of its largest book distributors because of the FV (Cumberland Valley where I buy my books comes to mind) and they lost a ton of money on their parody series, which went the way of all flesh after about six months. Additionally, the property that they supposedly closed on last summer is still for sale, which means they didn’t actually close the deal as they represented, probably due to insufficient funds. Furthermore, we know that the frequency of Wilson’s “Shameless Appeals” serve as a benchmark of his financial desperation.

So, on the one hand, we have no hard numbers (and they’re not giving them), and on the other, all indicators (including other factors I cannot divulge) point to a significant financial collapse.

But remember, we’re dealing with a slippery snake who understands that there’s a sucker born every minute, and he won’t hesitate to rob a widow if it will advance his empire. So he could be wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked today, and tomorrow he could be rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing.