Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Context

We’ve had some pretty clever graphics on this site but we don’t want to be too clever for our own good. I had an inquiry this morning about our favorite image of Wilson; here’s the exchange:

Anonymous said . . .

Not that it may matter to some people, but do you know when Wilson had this picture taken of himself? He looks like a thug. Amazing that he would want to present himself in this context, especially since he looks so pale? I’ve never known a pastor who would enjoy making himself look so cheap. Do you know what gives?

Mark T. said . . .

We pulled it off Blog and Mablog when he had his debate with Christopher Hitchens on CT. I remember going to Hitchens’ site (or one of the sites he writes for) and seeing a portrait of him dressed in a drab gray jacket smoking a cig. So Wilson took the time to have himself photographed in a similar pose as Hitchens, presumably to mock him as part of the debate, and since Hitchens argued for atheism I am sure that Wilson’s mockery of him adorned the doctrine of God our Savior in all things.

On another note, my favorite book by Hitchens is No One Left To Lie To. He wrote it about the Clinton administration but someone could write a book about the Fearless Leader with the same title.

Anonymous said . . .

And here I always thought that shot was only, but adroitly, photoshopped! This changes everything. You really should give more context!

Mark T. said . . .

Photoshop cannot unveil the abundance of a man’s heart; he has to pose for that!

A picture’s worth a thousand words and we’ve got thousands of miles out of this one (and we intend to get thousands more). But since this is a fully documented anonymous attack blog, I believe it’s important to document the origin of this telling photograph and place it in its proper context.

Thank you.