Friday, April 18, 2008

Anonymity Part VII: The Chilling Effect

I read Wilson’s response to Pastor Lane and I have to admit that he really knows how to pour it on as though he really believes the Scriptures. But you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t join the love fest just yet, because I want to isolate one comment from his long, flowery exposition of the Ninth Commandment and demonstrate that while he knows what the Bible requires of him well enough to put it in writing, in real life — in real-life Moscow — he somehow forgets what the Bible commands.

Here’s the comment:

Keith, I think we are actually under more stringent requirements with regard to our enemies. But I agree that Mark T does not think so.

Douglas Wilson — 4/18/2008 11:59:07 AM | Report Comment

I think that comment fairly summarizes his recent discovery of the Golden Rule. I call it a “recent discovery” because less than two years ago he sauntered down to the Moscow Police Department to file a frivolous police report that named five citizens of Moscow as possible suspects in a crime that no one ever established was committed. The police never confirmed it or investigated it (unlike his April Fools’ Day joke, where he was one of the criminals) and he produced no evidence — fraudulent or legitimate — to demonstrate that it actually took place. Furthermore, while four of the possible suspects were (are) Christians, he did not bother to confront any of his suspects with his baseless suspicions pursuant to Matthew 18; he went directly to the police to put their names on public record.

That’s bad enough. But I think the most insulting and disgusting thing about this sordid incident is the crime itself. He specified by name four brethren (all members in good standing in their respective churches) and one law-abiding citizen as persons who possibly put a used condom in his mailbox. Let me spell this out for you just so you can feel the filth. He identified four of God’s children as persons he believed may have taken the time to soil a condom (you do the math) and drive across town to leave it in his mailbox.

Not satisfied with that, he continued to say that they may have spread a “foul-smelling substance” on his windows and sabotaged his driveway with screws & nails. Interestingly, he omitted the part that he was remodeling his home and had all sorts of construction vehicles on his property (I know this from his neighbor whom he regularly harasses).

Here’s the kicker: He used rightful legal complaints that law-abiding citizens in the community had filed against Christ Church and New Saint Andrews College as the pretext for his police complaint. I call it the kicker because the Latah County Commissioners and the Moscow City Council affirmed every one of those complaints, which means he was the one breaking the law. Despite this, he called those lawful complaints “harassment.” Yes, he was the one breaking the law and yet he accused those law-abiding citizens of harassing him. I’m sure it makes sense to him in an April Fools’ sort of way. Regardless, I point that out because those legal complaints have no connection to this invisible crime. None, zip, zilch, nada. The people he named were persons who at one time or another had publicly noted his sin, hypocrisy, or evil deeds, which he characterized as “public animosity.” And he repaid them — all five of these his neighbors — by putting their names down on the public record as suspects in his mind to this vulgar and smutty crime that I personally believe never took place.

This is real-life Moscow. Criticize Wilson and Doug’s Thugs are on you in a heartbeat. Effectively call him on his sin, and he’ll sully you in a police complaint. It’s all designed to chill his critics; it sends a signal far and wide that he’ll come after you — and he obviously has a creative imagination when it comes to dragging others through the dirt. But the message is clear: you will pay if you speak. One thing for Wilson, at least he signed his name to it, just as he signed those forged minutes.

Here is the police report, and as you read it please keep in mind all of his gooey language about “neighbors” and “enemies” and the Ninth Commandment. Maybe you can reconcile his words with his deeds, but I cannot:

My name is Douglas Wilson & I am the Minister at Christ Church here in Moscow. Over the last three years or so, there has been a small group of people harassing our ministries by means of various legal complaints — tax exemption issues, zoning, boarding, etc.

In the last few weeks, it appears that this pattern has gotten more personal & is getting closer to home.
  1. On June 26, I discovered a used (or doctored to look used) condom in my mailbox.
  2. Over the last two weeks, we have had a rash of flat tires at our house (4 on 4 vehicles). My son-in-law found a screw in the tread of his, & I just came from Les Schwab where they repaired the damage from a nail and screw, dug into my left rear tire.
  3. This morning I had to clean our living room window because someone had thrown some foul looking substance at it, creating a mess @ 4'' by 8''
Other than this evident public malice expressed in other settings, I have no evidence to say that the following people are responsible. But these are some of the foremost people involved in displaying public animosity
  1. [Deleted]
  2. [Deleted]
  3. [Deleted]
  4. [Deleted]
  5. [Deleted]
I certify that this statement, consisting of 2 page(s) is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge:

Douglas Wilson

Thank you.