Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anonymity Excursus: Context of A Christ Church Wife’s Email

I firmly believe in the importance — indeed the responsibility — to keep things in context. Whether it’s an historical event or a four-sentence paragraph — it behooves us to keep it in context.

With this in mind, here is the fully documented historical context of A Christ Church Wife’s email:

A Christ Church Wife sent her email to Vision 2020 about thirteen months after Wilson sent this email to the Kult, essentially notifying the membership that he found “the mole” — a traitor in the Kult (interestingly, I recall seeing an email from the Fearless Leader to this family where he noted that they needed “pastoral encouragement” or something to that effect; a few months later he held a public execution); one year after Credenda Agenda hosted its so-called “history” conference that completely scandalized the Palouse; eight months after the Latah County Commissioners revoked the Kult’s and NSA’s property-tax exemptions; three months after the Fearless Leader began sowing discord among the brethren at Church of the King–Santa Cruz (notice the words “two years”); five weeks after the Fearless Leader drove a family out of the church because they refused to sign the Christ Church Commitment to Loyalty; two weeks after three former members of the Kult filed a zoning complaint against New Saint Andrews College, which the Moscow City Council sustained (Wilson positively vilified the complainants in the press and on the Internet).

A Christ Church Wife posted her email to Vision 20/20 one month before the day that Wilson discovered that a serial pedophile had raped several lambs from his flock for the past 18 months; five weeks before he wrote “Three Stumbling Blocks” where he declared the Church was on the verge of a new reformation; roughly 10 weeks before the Fearless Leader strutted uphill to threaten the Latah County Commissioners that they better not revoke any more property-tax exemptions from the so-called ministries where he sat on the board; three months before WORLD Magazine reported the story that Douglas Wilson and Steven “Machen” Wilkins plagiarized enough body text in Southern Slavery As It Was to cover the Mississippi Delta; four months before “A Labor of Love” received broad circulation on the Palouse; one year before Patrick Poole Kut His Losses on the Kirk Kult; and seventeen months before the Fearless Leader took precious time from his strenuous blogging schedule to stroll downtown and file a frivolous police complaint that named five of his neighbors as possible suspects in a federal offense.

I’m sure that if I gave it more thought I could document other highly recognizable dates in Kult lore; but perhaps it’s best to think of A Christ Church Wife’s brilliant emails as just another day in the busy life of a petty self-absorbed tyrant.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Not that it may matter to some people, but do you know when Wilson had this picture taken of himself? He looks like a thug. Amazing that he would want to present himself in this context, especially since he looks so pale? I've never known a pastor who would enjoy making himself look so cheap. Do you know what gives?

Mark T. said...

We pulled it off Blog and Mablog when he had his debate with Christopher Hitchens on CT. I remember going to Hitchens’ site (or one of the sites he writes for) and seeing a portrait of him dressed in a drab gray jacket smoking a cig. So Wilson took the time to have himself photographed in a similar pose as Hitchens, presumably to mock him as part of the debate, and since Hitchens argued for atheism I am sure that Wilson’s mockery of him adorned the doctrine of God our Savior in all things.

On another note, my favorite book by Hitchens is No One Left To Lie To. He wrote it about the Clinton administration but someone could write a book about the Fearless Leader with the same title.

Anonymous said...

And here I always thought that shot was only, but adroitly, photoshopped! This changes everything. You really should give more context!

Mark T. said...

Photoshop cannot unveil the abundance of a man’s heart; he has to pose for that!