Friday, April 18, 2008

Anonymity Part VI: “Anonymous Accusers”

I wrote this for GB but understandably Pastor Lane has shut down the combox. Hopefully the few clones who need to read it will muster the courage to violate the Fearless Leader’s command to avoid my blog:

I really appreciate Pastor Lee’s tone and his comments, but everyone needs to understand that all this wringing of the hands over “charges” and “anonymous accusations” is really beside the point. It’s a big fat red herring put on the table by someone who needs to elude accountability for his ministry to survive.

Please let me prove my point. In 2003 the elders of the Evangelical Free Church of Pullman, Washington, notified the moderator of the CREC that they discovered (by an investigation that the Kirk elders demanded they conduct!) the elders of Christ Church, Moscow, were using a forged document and an illegitimate document to smear the reputation of one of their officers on the worldwide web. This is a documented fact, so let me repeat it: The elders of Christ Church produced a forged document (bogus minutes) and a letter that they claimed the E Free officer signed (which he had not, the letter bore no signatures at all and the Christ Church elders knew it), to impeach the testimony of an E Free deacon. They were not satisfied with impeachment, however, because they poured it on, calling him a liar, a false witness, etc., etc., etc., on the worldwide web, for the space of about 5 months.

The E Free elders pleaded with the Christ Church elders to remove the false witness from the web, including all the references to the falsified evidence, but they refused. Therefore the E Free elders contacted the CREC Moderator for remedy. Mind you, E Free does not think in terms of church courts or church trials or bringing charges — they think in terms of right and wrong — so they did not bring “charges”; but that didn’t matter anyway because the CREC has no biblical mechanism to hear accusations against its officers. The point is that they sought remedy. The CREC Moderator, however, said he would not get involved. Period. (BTW: that moderator was converted under the ministry of E Free and the man who appealed to him for justice was his first pastor.) He told them that it was for the Christ Church elders and no one else. He saw irrefutable proof that the Christ Church elders knowingly relied upon falsified evidence and he blew it off showing the same contempt for E Free that you know who and his disciples shows for “anonymous accusations.”

The same thing happened when the OPC’s Presbytery of the Dakotas contacted the CREC to inform them that they had false witness in the minutes on the worldwide web. The moderator said he would not get involved and the Kirk elders left the falsehood in place for about six months.

Let’s be honest here. It’s not about biblical requirements for making accusations. These people strain at the most ridiculous gnats while they swallow corruption by the camel load. Both the E Free elders and the Presbytery of the Dakotas brought lawful accusations in a biblical, brotherly way, and the CREC told them to take a hike. Get real. It’s not about biblical requirements for accusations. It’s about sin and iniquity in the CREC’s highest offices. They forge documents and publish them on the web: “Oh, we’re not going to get involved.” They bear false witness on the web: “Oh, we’re not going to get involved.” They destroy reputations like they’re playing with marbles: “Oh, we’re not going to get involved.”

So let’s get a little perspective here. I am not an “anonymous accuser”; I present facts with color commentary. I republish newspaper articles, blog posts, emails, newsletters, etc. and I expose falsehood, inconsistency, and hypocrisy; and all I hear from these people is weeping, gnashing of teeth, a few threatened lawsuits, and “ANONYMOUS ACCUSER,” while they don’t give a rip about the content. I have no interest in accusing anyone in the CREC because they have no adequate mechanism to address sin in their ranks, let alone protect those who are not in their ranks. Even worse, they established precedent in two separate cases that they would rather wink at a false report than give justice to the stranger (see Exodus 23).

So I encourage the handful of clones on this thread who have repeated the absurd mantra “ANONYMOUS ACCUSER” to reconsider their words. Someone fed you a sound bite and it satisfied your appetite, but your sound bites are completely meaningless. Those very people whom you quote have made a career out of corrupting justice by spreading false reports, and when church authorities sought redress the CREC put its hand with the wicked.

Thank you.


cib said...

Indeed, the charge of "anonymous accuser" strikes me as somewhat odd. True, you do not reveal your real name, and of course, you are solely responsible for your "color commentary."

However, the documentation you provide (of which I've seen none refuted) is full of real names, and you have cited many witnesses: Patrick Poole, Michael Metzler, Peter Kershaw, Thomas Roche, Sean Quinlan & William Ramsey, Terry Morin, Wesley Sims, the Illiana Presbytery of the PCA, the OPC's Presbytery of the Dakotas, the elders of Church of the King-Santa Cruz, the elders of E Free-Pullman, etc. ad nauseam.

Not to mention, you've shown these men to be witnesses against themselves.

Mark T. said...


This is an excellent comment for which I thank you very much. Lord willing, I shall put it on the front page in a couple of days. I just posted more documentation and tomorrow I shall post a similar one, but closer to home as he says.