Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Question for Braveheart

I have a question for Dr. Jeffery “Braveheart” Meyers:

According to this brother, you affirm that your rubber-nose photos were just an attempt to not take yourselves too seriously. Given this premise, I have a hard time understanding why you (or your “spy”) named the photo of Steven “Machen” Wilkins “NotTheArchHeretic” and it’s difficult for me to understand why the caption above the photo says, “But this does look suspiciously like Steve Wilkins, the arch-heretic himself”; because the words “arch-heretic” sure sound like someone’s thumbing their nose at the PCA. Therefore, could you please explain to me how this is not an attempt to not take the PCA’s indictment too seriously?

By the way, you have to love my graphic artist; if you ask me he’s honoring your wish that no one take you too seriously!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to your post, but I do not know how to contact you (which is fine, so long as you don't mind that this comment is unrelated to your post).

I simply wanted to share with you a rather convicting sermon that I thought would be a great profit to you.

Like I said, it has nothing to do with this post, or even the Federal Vision, but I figure there's more to you than the Federal Vision.