Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Biblical Horizons

Here’s some more information about the Biblical Horizons yahoo group, taken straight from the website’s front page.

Group Information
Members: 222
Category: Adult
Founded: Jan 23, 2001
Language: English

Group Settings
  • Membership requires approval
  • Messages do not require approval
  • All members can post messages
  • Email attachments are permitted
  • Members cannot hide email address
  • Listed in directory
  1. Biblical Horizons’s list is a restricted email forum that exists to foster informal discussions on matters of biblical and theological issues from a Reformed theological perspective. Many of us on the list are good friends and we will often speculate freely without fear of overbearing chastisement from each other. BH exists for intramural discussions among those who share certain biblical and theological convictions. BH welcomes discussions of these and any well-considered Biblical themes, but if you disagree with our common assumptions, then as our guest we hope you will respond to our hospitality with your respect for our ideas. (You may be asked to find another forum if you cannot refrain from argumentative disputation.)

  2. You must be a subscriber to Biblical Horizon’s newsletter to join this list! We will cleanse the list of those whose subscription is not current. To subscribe send your name and address to

    Biblical Horizons
    P.O. Box 1096
    Niceville, Florida 32588

    or call 850-897-5299. You may also email James B. Jordan ( with your request. We will extend a free six-month trial subscription to anyone who asks to be on the mailing list. After that, you should make an appropriate donation to continue to receive the mailings. Only those who have made financial donations are eligible to join the email list.
There are only two differences between Biblical Horizons and a similar yahoo discussion group, the BB Warfield list, which I frequent but am not a member:
  1. Biblical Horizons requires approval for membership but does not require approval for messages, and
  2. BB Warfield does not require approval for membership but does require approval for messages.
And since Biblical Horizons requires approval for membership, their archives are closed to the general public, unlike BB Warfield.

This brings me to another point that I’ve raised in the past. If I was a prosecutor for the PCA in its upcoming trial of Louisiana Presbytery, I would immediately apply to join Biblical Horizons so that I could mine the archives for posts written by the accused, because those archives work exactly the same way as Warfield’s (though I suspect if they let a prosecutor in they would see an immediate purge). The point is that these clowns say one thing in public and another in private.

Thank you.