Friday, January 25, 2008

It Happened Again

Last week, after going postal on the worldwide web and hurling invectives at everyone in his path, James Jordan promised, “So, please forgive me for having troubled your waters, and be assured that it will not happen again.” Unfortunately, it happened again.

Just two days ago James Jordan posted this in the combox of the Biblical Horizons blog:

They had the right doctrine, but they were mean as snakes, with the Snake as their Daddy. They way Steve Wilkins and others have been treated in the micro-presbyterian world shows us that the same kind of people are around today.

Even more unfortunately, one of the Federal Visionists (most likely Braveheart) edited these two sentences out of existence so that no one can see them (you can find it here), presumably to contain the damage. Can’t have another episode like last week — not good for the FV PR. More importantly, they had to keep Jordan from looking like a dishonest hypocrite. After all, he promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Once again this demonstrates how the Federal Vision family sticks together, tailors its message to their audience, and has one standard for public statements and another for in-house private statements. In other words, they’re hypocrites.

Thank you. (HT: Machaira)


Anonymous said...

It's funny how the Federal Visionists marked themselves with those masks. God makes his enemies mark themselves without them knowing it. Muslims put moons on their flags and mosques because they worship a 7th century tribal moon god. They don't know this is why moons are on their flags and mosques, God has them do it without them knowing they are marking themselves. The FVists have marked themselves in the same manner. As clowns, in their case.

Notice the facial expressions they adopt under the masks too. There is no reason they have to adopt that expression. That slack "I'm a corpse" (or I'm mentally disabled) look. That again is part of their marking themselves.

Anonymous said...

Like I always say, "Print 'em when you see 'em."

Anonymous said...

In fairness, I think James Jordan was assuring that he would not "trouble your waters" again, meaning the waters of Ron Gleason's blog, I guess.

Still it is most interesting that his comment was editted . . .

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you have failed to fully parse his apology. He apologized "for troubling your waters" (emphasis added) and said it would not happen again. Well, he didn't trouble their waters again so his promise remains intact. Kinda reminds one of Slick Willie and his whole definition of "is".

Anonymous said...

Look at this juvenile blast from Mark Horne:

"And for the record, there simply is no invective strong enough to describe the crimes of Westminster West against the Bible and the Reformed Faith."

There is sign of mental illness here.

On another subject, notice Horne uses a picture of himself when he was 23 as his avatar on GreenBaggins blog. Today he's a pudgy, bald 40-something. This false face behaviour is symbolic of the FVists in general.

Mark T. said...

That comment made me choke on my coffee. Bob Mattes just replied, “As for invectives, Jordan can probably teach you some if you are at a loss.” Badabing.

Nevertheless, Horne furnishes us with one more example of the wholesale denial syndrome that has captured the FVists ala groupthink. The sociology of their movement is remarkable: the animus, the deceit, the spin, the revision, the schismatism (I just coined it), and the astounding denial. These loons and their disciples exhibit no self-awareness. They are completely oblivious to their horrendous behavior and their lousy fruit. As RK said on GB, “Self-awareness level: minus zero.”

I agree that the avatars are revealing, but you don’t want to overplay that point. Interestingly, after the rubber-nose routine Meyers started using his peek-a-boo photo, but I’m sure an attorney counseled him that it demolished any hopes of a copyright claim. Along those lines, I flirted with using the black-and-white image of Jerome in Schaff’s History but opted for the more colorful image, if you will. But I still like Jerome’s intensity.

James R. Polk said...

Bob Mattes just replied, “As for invectives, Jordan can probably teach you some if you are at a loss.”

I had to laugh at that one too. Bob is usually very serious, so it was a bit of a surprise.

Mark, I just wanted to thank you for the heads-up on Jim Jordan's editing. I probably wouldn't have gone back to that particular post otherwise.

Mark T. said...

Well, as you know, I host a fully documented anonymous attack blog that, by definition, is fully documented. And since I could not document your claim I had to at least confirm it.

Okay, seriously, did you notice that they changed the name of the post from “CalvinISM” to “All Men Will Know You are My Disciples if . . .”? I’m sure one of them flagged the schismatic tone of the original title and edited it to appear more biblical.

More importantly, did you notice who wrote the post? He calls himself “Obadiah.” In other words, the FV hypocrites have invited an anonymous person to write for their blog. And his pseudonym is fascinating as well. You will recall that Jezebel persecuted Obadiah into hiding and God used him to help secure the other prophets.

Using Jordan’s bizarre hermeneutic, I suspect that Wilkins is Obadiah and that the FVists see the PCA not as Mother Kirk but as Jezebel. They’ve already declared Wilkins the PCA’s “Machen”; it makes sense that they would promote him to prophet status.

I posted a comment over there asking Braveheart why they allowed an anonymous writer, but he deleted it. Fair enough. So I’ll blog it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

While we're discussing Horne, here's his latest strange blog, where he twists all logic to make some strained point. I halfway wonder if he is actually _trying_ to draw heat, even set himself up to charges. What is interesting is how he always words things in such a way that he could disclaim or weasle out of what appears to be the obvious meaning. It's inflammatory on purpose, but to what end?
-----Begin quote-----
"This really gets to the heart of the problem about some explanations for the need for the imputation of the active obedience of Christ
Posted on January 25th, 2008 by mark
I don’t think I can discount this
as an accidental slip because I’ve read the same thing from theologians writing for official publication.
Machen meant that in the hour of our death it won’t be the dirty sins of commission that will haunt us. It will be the sins of omission. All the good stuff we coulda, woulda, shoulda done but didn’t do. So it will be a great comfort to us in that hour to consider that Christ’s active obedience is reckoned as ours.
OK, there you have it. Jesus’ death is insufficient to forgive our sins of omission.
Machen was undeniably a great Christian hero.
But I’m not going to worship his remains.
Nor will I pray to him to intercede for me
And I’m not going to encourage anyone to follow his alleged example of denying on one’s death bed that the blood of Christ is enough to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
If the Gospel is really at stake here, it really looks like it lies on the other side of the issue."
---End of quote---

Mark T. said...

Twisted, indeed. And I agree that Horne (and the others) wants to draw heat. One of the common denominators uniting the FVists is utter contempt for authority. Clearly, whenever you discuss total depravity, this is a critical part of the package. But the FVists — Meyers, Horne, Beelzeblog, Jordan, and, in his twisted, subtle way, Leithart — foster and encourage it among themselves. And since disdain for authority breeds love for sophistry (because all of us have to give account at one time or another), they have mastered the art of weaseling out of their words. These idiots are so far removed from Christian truth that it would be funny if they didn’t have authority over God’s flock.

Anonymous said...

They're also just rank chain-yankers like many atheists and some Muslims. Mockers of the end times.

It doesn't look good that they are continually entertained as they are over at sites like GreenBaggins. At some point you have to say, "OK, thank you, Curate. You run along now..."