Friday, January 4, 2008

Anonymity Part IV: “Anonymous Sources”

Well now I’m really confused. On the one hand, Beelzeblog vouches for the anonymous news site called Reformed News, but on the other he condemns those who rely on fully documented anonymous sources. Read for yourself:

I read on Reformed News that Sam Duncan, former moderator of the PCA, has provided a summary of the FV in preparation for the big doings at the General Assembly of the PCA this week. But before I start in on my war dance, let me just say that you ought to check out Reformed News far more often than you do. (“That He’d Been In His Bunk Below”)

And this controversy has now revealed the fact that, for a number of our Reformed leaders, acceptance of this kind of testimony, taking it at face value, is perfectly fine with them. They might want to put some sort of high bar on this for acceptance, of course, like “it is only acceptable to receive spurious testimony from anonymous sources if you are contending for the gospel.” (“Dead Rat Behind the Fridge”)

I sure wish he’d get his story straight because I don’t know from one day to the next who to believe. In fact, the only way I can harmonize these two quotes is by concluding that Prince Blog is the dead rat behind the fridge. I wonder who holds him accountable for this.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I dont know if you are anonymous but for sure are a venomous site. You seem to contribute to FV echanges, but essentially, your site concentrates to one person and you know. One year a go, a site, which I dont remember the name was closed down, similar, with yours. Now, a warning: if you dont change ways, you may close down soon, because of the imprecatory psalms (Category subject: slander, gossip).

Mark T. said...

Lenny, baby,

You’re not very bright, but that’s a prerequisite for all monkey boys.

May the fleas of a thousand gorillas infest your armpits.

Thank you.