Wednesday, August 6, 2008

“Tipper Over”

A week or so ago a friend sent me a link to this blog. I don’t know anything about it except what I’ve read on the “About” page, but the comments on this particular thread are a riot.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Leading the Charge

A few weeks ago we received a suggestion/request to juxtapose copies of Wilson’s quotation advocating the death penalty for pedophiles from his book Fidelity next to his letter to Judge John Stegner pleading him to limit the sentence for serial pedophile Steven Sitler. And since this is a fully documented anonymous attack blog, we produced the full documentation (“Open-line Tuesday”) to prove the point that when Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, affirms one of his convictions in writing, you better sniff once and think twice before you actually believe it, let alone before you think that he actually believes it. Because he doesn’t.

Sure, he writes with conviction and authority. Sure, he leaves the impression that he holds his principles dearly. Sure, he writes as though he really believes he’s articulating non-negotiable biblical truths, handed straight from God to Moses to him (though to be fair, most of the time you could delete Moses). But it’s all an act. He doesn’t believe a word of it. It’s all for show. He understands that deep down inside most people need to hang on to absolutes, and so he panders to the crowd. He makes a stance, puffs his chest, and blows. And he looks good doing it too. But it’s all for looks — it’s all for show — it’s all act. Wilson is a hypocrite from head to toe. Look at the images appended below. Try to reconcile his hard-line theonomic position in Fidelity with his letter to Judge John Stegner on behalf of serial pedophile Steven Sitler. Try to account for him advocating the death penalty for pedophiles on the one hand and urging Judge Stegner to limit Sitler’s sentence on the other.

Before you look, however, take a few minutes to listen to the following YouTube. It’s a public conversation between Wilson and one of his former professors at UI, Dr. Nick Gier, where Wilson confidently invokes the death penalty as an answer to Dr. Gier’s objections regarding the way Southern Christians treated their slaves in the antebellum South. Dr. Gier introduces the subject at the 3:27-minute mark, and at the 4:04-minute mark Wilson starts his act:

Let me put it this way, let me put it this way, I’m speaking as a pastor: If — if I had been a pastor in the antebellum South and I had been confronted with a member of my church who raped or abused any of his slaves, I would have led the charge in excommunicating such a one for professing the name of Christ while behaving that way, and if he had been abusing his slaves the way you described, I would not have any problem with urging the Civil Magistrate to execute such a person. No one. . . .

Wilson blew these words on January 31, 2007, or roughly eighteen months after he blew his letter to Judge Stegner on August 19, 2005. And in the recording, once you get past his supposition that owning slaves was not morally wrong, you have to notice his use of the word “urging”: “I would not have any problem with urging the Civil Magistrate to execute such a person.” You have to notice this because in his letter to Judge Stegner, Wilson wrote, “At the same time, I would urge that the civil penalties applied would be measured and limited.” Of course, the conditions upon which Wilson predicated his “urge” with Dr. Gier were the raping and whipping of slaves. In other words, he would “urge” the death penalty in cases of raping and whipping, but if Sitler teaches us anything he wouldn’t “urge” the death penalty in cases of rape alone. There has to be whipping.

And you can’t miss his apologetic to Dr. Gier after Nick raised the objection that the antebellum Presbyterians failed to defend the slaves. At the 4:51-minute mark, Wilson quipped (boasted?), “You know what, you know why it never happened? — because I wasn’t there.” But he was there when Sitler raped his victims and he was there when Jamin Wight committed his sins, and in both cases Wilson ditched his strongly held biblical convictions to insure the safe and seamless reintroduction of both predator-criminals into the flock. He led the charge alright, and he led it with all his heart.

And the moral of this story is that it doesn’t matter if Wilson writes it or says it — he doesn’t mean a word of it. It’s all an act.

Here is page 85 from the book Fidelity, by Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, and page 2 of his letter to Judge Stegner:

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steven Sitler

Someone recently posted serial pedophile Steven Sitler’s latest SOR photograph on Vision 20/20. Before I say more, however, I want to note that I really feel sorry for Steven Sitler. I know that he committed unspeakable abominations, but I also know that he cannot stop himself, which is the reason I pity him. And just in case you think I’m getting soft, please note that I know Steven Sitler is fully 100% responsible for his actions, depravity notwithstanding. This is why I believe the best thing the state could do for him is execute him mercifully. Short of that, the state should put him away for life. He poses too much of a threat to society to grant him any kind of liberty. As one of my attorneys said, “He’s going to start killing his victims — that’s what they always do.”

Now look at his latest Idaho Sex Offender Registry photograph and tell me if it doesn’t give you the willies (we placed it next to Beelzeblog for comparison; the resemblance is uncanny). Also, notice that his home address is 329 North Main Street. That’s about six blocks from his alma mater New Saint Andrews College — or roughly a five-minute walk. Talk about a millstone.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Testimony From the Heart

Everyone knows testimony from the heart when they read it. A young lady just left the following comment on “Diary of a Pirated Church”; please read it:

Ophelia Moonstone said . . .

I went to EPC as a child. Michael Marshall is my father. We were part of the renegades that left. I was so young at the time I only knew what my father told me. Burke Shade influenced my father in many dangerous ways. He encouraged what he called “spanking” but what was more like beating with a belt. He approved of this being used even on teens.

I never liked him as a child. He was pushy and disingenuous. Families with children in regular school were put under tremendous pressure to homeschool. Clothing for women had to be unattractive from any angle, or it was looked down upon.

Wives were expected to be mindlessly subservient and obedient. My father had told my mother not to go to the library with me and my younger brother and she went anyway. Because of this, Burke Shade came to my house and “chastised” my mother. He ganged up on her and verbally harassed her. I listened from another room. I was 13 and very very angry.

We finally left due to a disagreement with the Akins and the Bankesters. The Akins were under the impression that I had gotten their teenage daughter, who had been a good friend to me in childhood, into promiscuous sex and drugs. This was not true. Because of the rumors, however, my scapegoat status was secured.

Our departure was an ugly one. I hope Burke Shade melts in a pool of his own excrement. He made me hate church.

I cannot substantiate her testimony but I believe every word of it for two reasons:
  1. Everyone in Moscow can confirm the part about Stepford Wives who wear parachutes as they homeschool their children to insure that the colony of mindless clones will walk in lockstep like lemmings to the cliff (most Kult members do not know this, but the Kult elders ridicule home-schooling mothers as “Prairie Muffins” behind their backs; Wilson wants the children in Logos where HE can control their minds).

  2. By now everyone knows that the Federal Vision is a euphemism for power-hungry pastors who hold ultra-high views of the sacraments while they split churches and beat sheep — it’s code for “Canis Lupus Vision.” So even though she was in Illinois, Wilson’s boilerplate left the same impression on her as it does everyone else. I haven’t even got near the subject of him driving people from the Church and from the faith. But Ophelia said it better than I ever could.
Thankfully, however, Wilson, Shade, and all the CREC wolves will face that great shepherd of the sheep. And if they had any brains at all, they would realize that all their hateful deeds will come back on them a thousand fold — only then it will be too late. These brutes should expect to reap in eternity what they sow in time.

Thank you.

Canis lupus 3

Continuing with a few thoughts on our Lord’s warning to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, here is another video of a wolf pack hunting prey. Like the previous video where the pack sought to isolate the caribou calves, this video shows the pack isolate a buffalo calf (at the 4:45-minute mark). However, unlike the previous video where the herd abandoned the calf to its fate, here we see healthy bison rescue their calf from the wolf pack. In this respect you could argue that the herd functioned as a healthy body that protected itself from predation. Sadly, however, the protection only went so far because wolves will be wolves, and they must eat. Consequently, they successfully isolated a weak bison and brought him to a slow painful death.

Of course, there are many analogies we could draw here, but I want to go another direction. As you watch this poor beast die, remind yourself that our Lord warned us against wolves who dress as sheep. So in this case, consider the awful damage these wolves would wreak if they looked like buffaloes. They would have had the calf and more because none of the other herd would have suspected them. According to our Lord, this is how wolves operate in the Church.

Finally, make careful note when the narrator says, “killing quickly is not a choice.” The kills I’ve seen are every bit as agonizing as this one — with one difference: The prey never knew they faced wolves until the predators bared their fangs — and then it was too late. This is because the wolves looked and acted like sheep. In short, they were wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Excellent Point

I just received an excellent comment worthy of front-page coverage:

Anonymous said . . .

Something that seems apparent from evidence that has been presented here is that FV (or maybe it is just [Christ Church]) leaders do not seem particularly concerned to protect the smallest and most defenseless people among them; they are more concerned to protect the hierarchy. Perhaps it’s another aspect of the apparent FV impulse for union with Rome.

Thank you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Canis lupus 2

Her princes in her midst are roaring lions;
Her judges are evening wolves
That leave not a bone till morning.
Her prophets are insolent, treacherous people;
Her priests have polluted the sanctuary,
They have done violence to the law.
— Zephaniah 3:3, 4

We have lifted the following article and picture gallery from It furnishes us with another profound lesson in predatory behavior taken straight from the wolf.

Again, in the Sermon on the Mount our Lord Jesus Christ did not choose the metaphor “wolves” to warn against false teachers because He thought it clever or colorful. It is a real-life term that we see play out every day in the Church. This fact is especially true as it applies to Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow. Over the years one family after another has bore witness to the same identical testimony regarding Wilson’s sadistic cruelty. The circumstances for each family varies, but the narratives are all the same — Wilson will stop at nothing to exact vengeance against those members who catch him in sin and then try to leave. In every single instance the sin is always lying, because Wilson lies like the devil, and when caught the hunt begins. He pursues his prey (preyishioners) to silence them or utterly ruin them forever, depending on his appetite. He targets their livelihoods, their careers, their character, their public reputation — you name it — he will stop at nothing.

As you read this narrative, keep in mind that wolves have no moral capacity. This wolf merely acted according to his nature. He was hungry so he took a bite. He was completely oblivious to the doe’s agony. In this respect natural predators are comparable to nature’s psychopaths. They lack compunction and they are violently aggressive. At this point, however, our Lord’s metaphor fails. Natural predators will not give account at the Great White Throne. They kill because they’re hungry. Not so for wolves in the Church. Like natural wolves, they have no conscience but unlike wolves they are without excuse.

The metaphor fails at another point as well. Whereas the wolf was insensible to the deer’s pain and he did not act out of malice, it’s clear that Wilson derives pleasure when he inflicts pain — hence the word sadistic. I have seen him do exactly as this wolf, mercilessly attacking persons whom he already mortally wounded, for no other reason than sick desire. He’s not satisfied unless his prey (the sheep) suffers.

The following is a pictorial account of Wilson serving in the Christian ministry. Read it, and pray for the saints in Moscow:

Eaten Alive: Wolf Predation Captured On Camera
Michael Veine was hunting grouse in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when he stumbled upon a wolf attacking a doe.

On October 24, 2006, Michael Veine was bird hunting in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along the Escanaba River when he heard agonizing bellows coming from a long distance away. Stalking in the direction of the noise, he came upon a wolf attacking a deer. At first the wolf chased the adult doe along the riverbank, lunging repeatedly at her and biting the backs of her legs. He kept up the assault until he eventually hamstrung her. Unable to run, the doe was pulled down, and the wolf began feeding on her even though she was still alive. On the opposite side of the wide river, Veine snuck in closer and pulled out his camera.

The wolf fed on the doe as she continued to bawl. Wolf researcher Dr. Durward Allen has recorded that wolves are not the quick, clean killers some people believe. Allen’s research has demonstrated that wolves will typically kill by literally tearing their prey apart. When a pack is involved the killing process is often quick, but even then sometimes takes a while. All that’s required is that the prey holds still enough for the eating process to begin.

The deer tried to escape many times, but with her hind legs ripped up, the wolf easily knocked her back down every time. Dr. David Mech, a wolf researcher from Minnesota, told me that wolves typically attack deer and other prey from the rear in an attempt to immobilize the hind legs. As I watched the struggling doe, I recalled a National Geographic video entitled Wolves: A Legend Returns to Yellowstone that shows wolves attacking and bringing down lots of elk and other big game in this manner.

Whenever the deer attempted to escape her tormentor the wolf would bite her on the face and neck, forcing her back down. The wolf never made any overt attempt to kill her. “Wolves will often pull down deer and other big game and begin feeding on them before they are dead. A wolf’s first concern is his stomach. They do not have feelings like a human and they are not capable of caring if a prey animal suffers,” says Dr. Mech.

The wolf frequently broke off his attack to cautiously check his surroundings. The sound of the deer’s bawling seemed to make him nervous. The area contains a robust bear population and I figured he was afraid the doe’s distress calls would attract one to the scene. Bears have been known to steal wolf kills and even kill wolves on rare occasions.

Several times the wolf left the scene, once for more than an hour. “What you witnessed was rather typical fall wolf behavior. During the fall, deer are in peak physical condition and widespread, making them difficult prey. That’s when wolves will typically hunt for deer alone to cover more ground, although they still share the kill with the pack. The wolf was probably going back to a rendezvous area to look for other members of the pack,” Dr. Mech told me.

During the encounter, I was able to sneak to a position directly across the river. My distance from the wolf was about 100 yards. The camera I used was a sub-compact Canon Powershot G6. This camera has a modest zoom lens, but the 7.1 megapixels camera set on the highest resolution did a fair job of capturing the action. I would have liked to have been able to get closer, but also realize that horning in on a wolf with his kill is not a prudent move.

The wolf finally left and didn’t return, leaving the deer still very much alive. My gut reaction was to put an end to the deer’s suffering. I’m a realist though. By the time I happened upon the attack the deer’s fate had already been sealed. Should the wolf catch my scent around the kill, it might have abandoned the deer for good, which would have been a senseless waste of the resource. Besides, had I interfered, I would have actually been breaking the law. It is illegal to harass a wolf.

At one point I thought the doe had died. She lay in the water without moving for at least 10 minutes. Eventually, when the wolf did not come back through, she picked her head up and looked around. I’m not sure whether she was playing dead or had passed out.

Eventually the deer righted herself and surveyed her wounds. I estimated that the wolf had eaten at least five pounds of flesh along with several pounds of hide and hair. Dr. John Vucetich, a Michigan Tech professor and wolf researcher who has been studying wolves for many years, says “Wolves will often feed on the prime parts first. Those would include the hindquarters and other large muscle groups. Next they go after the internal organs and then the bones. They also typically eat the hide and hair which helps them with their digestion of meat and bone.”

The doe began to drag herself from the icy river water. She was unable to stand. Using her front legs, she inched her way toward the bank. Few people will ever witness the feeding mechanics of wolves. It is a gut wrenching spectacle. “I’ve seen wolves take prey down many times and it still always affects me emotionally every time I see it,” Dr. Vucetich told me. The experience certainly affected me.

As her suffering continued and she struggled toward the bank, I wondered how long it would take for her to succumb to her fate. I shared these photos with Brian Roell, wolf coordinator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. He was surprised that the deer had not died more quickly from such wounds. “Wolf prey typically dies from shock, which is a loss of blood,” Roell says. From where I sat though, I saw surprisingly little bleeding. It all boils down to luck or chance as to when a wolf happens to bite into a major blood vessel that will cause enough blood loss.

Eventually the deer struggled onto the bank where I watched her for quite some time, wondering if the wolf would return. I’ve witnessed multiple cases of wolves killing more than they can eat, which is referred to as surplus killing by wolf biologists. “Surplus killing is like a short circuit in the wolf and typically occurs when their prey is malnourished and deep snow conditions make them easy targets. Surplus killings rarely happen during the fall,” Dr. Vucetich says.

Eventually I decided to leave. I couldn’t watch any more. When I rose from my hide, the deer spotted me and simply stared. I returned the next morning at daybreak armed with a long-lens camera. The deer was gone. Later I slipped into waders and forged the swift current, but the deer was nowhere to be seen.

A photograph of the tracks that were at the attack site. A wolf biologist that I shared my photos with erroneously identified the predator as a coyote at first glance. The tracks were 3 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches long. The largest coyote tracks will measure perhaps 2 1/2 inches long. I later recovered the jaw-bone from the doe, which indicated she was at least 2 1/2 years old. In that region, adult does will typically weigh 130 to 150 pounds during the fall. Comparing the size of the deer to the wolf leaves little doubt as to the species of the predator, Canis lupus (Gray Wolf). (

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Canis lupus

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them. — Matthew 7:15–20

For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves. Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears. — Acts 20:29–31

Yesterday’s photograph of the doe nursing her two newborn fawns is a lovely as it gets. Today, however, it’s back to real life and a visual lesson for all the pastors out there following this blog.

Our Lord Jesus Christ does not employ the “wolf” metaphor for entertainment or serrated purposes. Anyone who has seen predators operate in the Church, as I have, knows that He meant it literally. The following video captures a wolf pack hunting a herd of caribou in northern Canada. Be advised it’s not a happy ending:

Here are a few observations off the top of my head:
  1. Notice that the wolf pack “shadows” the caribou herd. In other words, they’re hunting.

  2. Notice that, when they make their move, they’re goal is to break up the herd in order to isolate prey, which is almost always the weakest or most vulnerable of the herd.

  3. Once they isolate the prey, they ruthlessly pursue it and it’s just a matter of time.

  4. No one can help the prey. The herd leaves it to its tragic end.

  5. When the wolf brings down the prey, it has no sense of sympathy or empathy for its suffering (wolves oftentimes devour their prey alive, not bothering to kill it first) — they only understand their physical hunger.
One final observation: When the elders of Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) learned of Steven Sitler’s horrifying crimes, they immediately warned the flock by identifying him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” When Douglas Wilson learned of Steven Sitler’s horrifying crimes, he immediately concealed it from the church and labored diligently to insure his safe reintroduction into the flock where he preyed.

These facts say it all for “by their fruits you will know them.”

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The voice of the LORD makes the deer give birth,
And strips the forests bare;
And in His temple everyone says, “Glory!”
— Psalm 29:9

Taking a few moments away from fully documenting the full-time corruption you know where, and continuing with our Open-line Tuesday, a friend sends this over. If you look closely, that doe is nursing two fawns; you can tell by the two bushy tails pointing upwards and the eight or ten legs down below. Either that or he Photoshopped it:

Glory, indeed.

Thank you.

Open-line Tuesday

We received a suggestion/request to juxtapose copies of Wilson’s quotation advocating the death penalty for pedophiles from his book Fidelity next to his letter to Judge John Stegner pleading him to limit the sentence for serial pedophile Steven Sitler. His use of the word “urge” kills me. Exactly why would he urge the judge to limit Sitler’s penal judgment? He answers this question in his last sentence: “I have a good hope that Steven has genuinely repented, and that he will continue to deal with this to become a productive and contributing member of society.” Notice his use of the word “this”: “He will continue to deal with this. . .” It’s a euphemism for “serial pedophilia.” I suppose it’s his version of a soft answer turning away wrath.

Regardless, here is page 85 from the book Fidelity, by Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, and page 2 of his letter to Judge Stegner. I encourage all of our new readers as well as you lurkers to reconcile these two positions:

Thank you.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The End of the Trinity Fest Part 4: “celebration as a central component in the culture wars”

In reflecting upon the untimely and unannounced demise of the Trinity Fest, we have considered the rather novel approach to history that Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, has taught himself; and we have seen his remarkable efforts at concealing from Kult, community, and all his potential recruits the existence of a serial pedophile, who had his way with the lambs of the flock for 18 months as Wilson fought one culture war after another, starting with the vital doctrine of chattel slavery as they practiced it in the antebellum South. In our third installment we witnessed an incredible stroke of providence that defies the imagination: Two days before Wilson secretly pled with Judge John Stegner to show leniency on Steven Sitler, a Latah County magistrate issued an arrest warrant for one of Wilson’s Greyfriars disciples for sexual abuse of a minor.

The timing of these two events — Wilson’s secret letter to Stegner and the arrest warrant for Jamin Wight — in conjunction with the first annual Trinity Fest is mind-boggling.[1] And I suppose this is a supreme advantage of hosting a fully documented anonymous attack blog. I mean, think about it. If I didn’t fully document these facts, would you have believed me about these two predators? If you didn’t see duplicates of the original documents with your very eyes, would you have believed it possible for so much sin and iniquity to overrun such a “formidable” church pastored by the man chosen (and “anointed”) by God to call the evangelical church out of her exile?

The answer to these questions probably accounts for Wilson’s bizarre pastoral decisions — i.e. his cover-ups — during these dreadful calamities. If you want the world to believe that your church is “formidable” and “potent,” it behooves you to hide its flaws, such as two convicted child molesters, even if it’s to the detriment of your congregation, which was the case here. Wilson never warned his flock about predation; he never stood before his church to identify these two criminals as predators; and he waited until both of his criminal-disciples had run their courses through the court system before he ever said anything to his congregation. He made sure everything was all sewn up nice and tidy before delivering extremely limited comments about them. He couldn’t let anyone, not even his own sheep, know about his weak spots. And as long as we’re on it, I wonder if he teaches this cover-up technique in his Greyfriars Hall ministerial classes — you know, “Cover-up 101: How to Conceal the Existence of Dangerous Criminals From Your Flock.” After all, what they don’t know can’t hurt ’em — right? These facts are beside the point, however, because the point is that he’s leading the 21st-century church into a new reformation, and what’s more important — protecting the children in your care or calling the Church to repentance? Let me ask it another way: what’s a greater priority — fulfilling the duties of a pastor or pretending to be a modern-day prophet?

If you think you’re a prophet, then I suppose pastoral duties take the back seat to the higher calling of a prophet. And if you take his blog post titled “Extended Deadline” at face value, then you must conclude that Pastor Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, really believes that God appointed him to some kind of modern-day prophetic office so that he could call the evangelical church out of her exile. Moreover, Wilson really believed the Trinity Fest would be the means to call the church out of her exile. Okay, sure, it sounds crazy, but then so does all the child-molester stuff. Sounding crazy, however, doesn’t make it untrue. Read for yourself:

The reason for Trinity Fest in the first place has not been to have just a [sic] another random party, but to do so in the context of calling the evangelical church out of her exile. Repentance and joy are not mutually exclusive, but rather go together like ham and eggs. But of course I am not talking about the grim joy of the pietist, or the macabre repentance of the self-absorbed. I am talking about the joy of those who have realized that individualistic autonomy is a death trap, the joy of those who have been brought out of darkness into the perfect law of liberty. (“Extended Deadline”)

“The reason for Trinity Fest in the first place . . .” At some level Wilson believed that God called him to this extra-biblical office of orchestrating the Trinity Fest to call the Church to repent of its sins. Obviously God’s call on his life placed him in a gut-wrenching moral dilemma though: Either he must obey God and call the Church out of her exile, or he must pastor his congregation through the agony caused by two child molesters. Douglas Wilson took the high road — he obeyed God. And I seriously doubt he ever thought twice about it. In fact, a cursory glance at his blog post shows that the mighty man of God cleverly redefined the word “repentance” to purge all sorrow and remorse from it. It was party time.

We cannot forget, however, that the prophet Wilson was throwing a party even though “God’s hand of judgment” was heavy on Christ Church, at least according to Wilson’s standards:

Violent rape is a judgment of God upon a people. . . Violent rape is God’s judgment on a culture, and individual women who are part of that culture are included in the judgment. . . . We see the same judgment at work in disintegrating cultures: “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil” (Eccl. 8:11). Here the rape is not being perpetrated by foreign soldiers, but is the result of citizens turning on one another. (Douglas Wilson, Fidelity: What It Means To Be a One-Woman Man [Moscow: Canon Press, 1999] 82, 83)

I don’t think that rape can get much more violent than when a grown man physically violates a helpless infant, as in this case, which Steven Sitler repeated over and over again for 18 months on numerous children in Christ Church, Moscow (in writing this, I do not intend to disparage the awful pain of any rape victim; I only want to note the profound vulnerability of these dear children and the unspeakable aggression perpetrated against them). These historical facts bring us to one of Wilson’s sales pitches for the third annual and final Trinity Fest. I republish the post in entirety sans graphic:

Worship Right, Work Hard, Study Deep, and Play Harder
Shameless Appeals
One of the measurments [sic] for God’s blessings we can use around here is how many times I am compelled to resort to making a Shameless Appeal. When I first added that category to this blog, it was occasionally used, but now it seems to me that I am always telling or reminding you about something or other. This one has to do with our third annual Trinity Fest.

One reminder, and then the appeal. Reminder: the date for getting the early registration rates is June 15, which is a week from this Friday.

The appeal is this. One of the emphases that we have sought to cultivate in our ministry here is the idea of celebration as a central component in the culture wars. We do this directly when we hold Sabbath dinners in our homes, and when we worship the Lord on His day in covenant renewal. But we also do this indirectly, when our celebrations as a worshipping community spill out into public. This is what Trinity Fest is designed to display, and to do. We want to be neo-Puritans — not the Puritans of the common caricature, or those neo-Puritans who want to revive the dour caricature. We want to be Puritans in the “worship right, work hard, study deep, and play harder” category.

The first two celebrations of Trinity Fest have been wonderful, and we are looking forward to the third being the same kind of thing. We wish you were coming. But you haven’t registered yet. I checked.
Posted by Douglas Wilson — 6/6/2007 1:20:23 PM | Link to this post

In this post Wilson put the stamp of Puritan nobility on the subject of “culture wars” and tied those wars to the Trinity Fest:

One of the emphases that we have sought to cultivate in our ministry here is the idea of celebration as a central component in the culture wars. . . But we also do this indirectly, when our celebrations as a worshipping community spill out into public. This is what Trinity Fest is designed to display, and to do.

I must confess, however, that the only wars he’s ever fought in Moscow had nothing to do with the typical culture wars of the Christian right. Wilson limited his battles to defending the biblical rights of antebellum slaveholders to mansteal; resisting his legal obligation to pay property tax; violating the Zoning Code in the heart of downtown Moscow; and threatening the Latah County Commissioners (I wonder if, when he threatened the commissioners, he meant to threaten physical harm against them or some sort of legal action; perhaps he could draw us a picture). Oh, and maybe some of that middle-aged “pendulous-bellied” Trinitarian skylarking, which the Bible calls sinful folly. Obviously none of these scandals are your standard right-wing hot-button “culture war” issues. In fact, to the extent that Wilson lost each and every one of these battles, his defeats were to the improvement of Moscow. This is because they were “Doug’s wars” not “culture wars.” Regardless, in this blog post he raises the specter of celebrating in public while waging culture war. This was a polite way of saying that for one week each year he really wanted to gloat in the face of his enemies, the so-called intoleristas, as his one-man carnival in the name of the Trinity stretched far and wide across city limits.

But there’s a terribly sick irony here that you cannot miss if you ever want to understand his psychosis. Pastor Douglas Wilson wanted to celebrate in public as he waged culture war against his neighbors in Moscow, but he wanted to do this in the same hour that God’s hand of judgment weighed heavily on the culture that Wilson planted at Christ Church, Moscow. Don’t be confused. There are not two things happening here, only one. It’s inner fantasy vs. external reality. And the reality is that there is no culture war in the community of Moscow, despite Douglas Wilson’s inner fantasy and his endless blustering. The only culture war is inside Christ Church. Its citizens have turned on one another in the most horrible way possible — rape. Even worse, its pastor responded to these attacks by defending the rapists. To be sure, he defended the most fearful predators known to society — pedophiles and child molesters — every mother’s worst nightmare. He never warned his church about these criminals; he simply welcomed them back into the fold. And he defended these evildoers because he needed to reintroduce them back into the covenant community as smoothly and as quietly as possible so that no one would know the true state of his church — he needed to cover it up. But by hiding them and their iniquity he insured the complete destruction of the culture he planted at Christ Church. In short, when Wilson covered-up for the two rapists, he declared war against his own congregation. So while he invited the Christian church to celebrate with him in Moscow as he waged culture war, the sick reality is that the celebration could only take place because he waged culture war against Christ Church.

Douglas Wilson pretends he’s a prophet calling the church out of her exile, but the reality is that God has exiled him to a world of delusions. He redefines repentance to look like Fat Tuesday, but the reality is that he needs to repent in sackcloth and ashes if he would ever see the kingdom of God. He celebrates his personal wars against his “enemies” in the center of town, but the reality is that he had to make enemies of his sheep before he could fight his other “enemies.” The mad prophet is so blind that he cannot see the culture he planted is completely disintegrating before his very eyes and it’s falling apart because of him. As I said, it’s a sick irony, because in the end the Fearless Leader fiddled as the lambs of his flock passed through the fire.

Thank you.

[1] For those of you just joining us or if you need a refresher, here is the documented timeline of events: And during this whole period no one at Christ Church knew about Sitler or the damage he wrought.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

“Forever Seventeen”

A former member of the Kult once told me that when she looks back at her tenure in Moscow, she sees that they put enormous pressure on her to conform her life to Nancy Wilson’s, and since she believed that Nancy Wilson was the perfect wife, she gladly complied. Now that she’s out, however, she sees the big picture much more clearly. In hindsight she says that conformity was really more like a straightjacket that she daily tailored to her body, so that she could not be herself anymore — she had to be Nancy. She said it got to the point that her straightjacket squeezed the life (and liberty) of Christ out of her — because Doug & Nancy are perfect. Thankfully, that family escaped Christ Church, Moscow, and they have rediscovered true freedom in Christ.

That true story segues to a post by the Iron Rose of Moscow. Once again we see that the Wilsons hopelessly conflict their mind-numbed disciples: Should a woman roll on her husband, as per this instruction, or should the helpmeet play dumb meat? And I wonder what the Wilsons would say about A Christ Church Wife? Actually, I know the answer to that question. Wilson set precedent a couple of years ago when he suspected that a wife was not loyal to the Kult — he executed the family in a high-profile termination.

Anyway, this woman knocks me out: read “Forever Seventeen” and picture in your mind’s eye a “pendulous-bellied, bearded, over-fifty-year-old man engaged in Trinitarian skylarking.” Maybe he’ll be so kind as to draw us a picture.

Thank you.

Post Script: in the last paragraph Rosemary mentions the “backyard turned into a bulldozed subdivision,” which is a highly public scandal that I have not broached yet. In short, Wilson has not limited his empire building to hijacking churches into the CREC or coveting all of downtown Moscow for his glory. He and a few investment partners (which I believe includes his in-laws) had the Wilson’s backyard re-platted to construct a gated community of cookie-cutter shacks on what is currently a bulldozed mess.