Friday, July 25, 2008

Canis lupus 3

Continuing with a few thoughts on our Lord’s warning to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, here is another video of a wolf pack hunting prey. Like the previous video where the pack sought to isolate the caribou calves, this video shows the pack isolate a buffalo calf (at the 4:45-minute mark). However, unlike the previous video where the herd abandoned the calf to its fate, here we see healthy bison rescue their calf from the wolf pack. In this respect you could argue that the herd functioned as a healthy body that protected itself from predation. Sadly, however, the protection only went so far because wolves will be wolves, and they must eat. Consequently, they successfully isolated a weak bison and brought him to a slow painful death.

Of course, there are many analogies we could draw here, but I want to go another direction. As you watch this poor beast die, remind yourself that our Lord warned us against wolves who dress as sheep. So in this case, consider the awful damage these wolves would wreak if they looked like buffaloes. They would have had the calf and more because none of the other herd would have suspected them. According to our Lord, this is how wolves operate in the Church.

Finally, make careful note when the narrator says, “killing quickly is not a choice.” The kills I’ve seen are every bit as agonizing as this one — with one difference: The prey never knew they faced wolves until the predators bared their fangs — and then it was too late. This is because the wolves looked and acted like sheep. In short, they were wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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Anonymous said...

I heard through the grapevine that the plans for the downtown Kirk Cathedral have fallen through, or have at least stalled -- is this fact, fiction, or wishful thinking?

Mark T. said...

They bought the dirt before somebody figured out that 0.7 acres can’t hold a cathedral footprint. No sooner did they close the deal than they put the dirt back on the market; hence, the “For Sale” sign. Now, if that doesn’t make you smirk, this will: They paid anywhere between $100k – $200k too much for the land, depending on your agent. Even better, they paid an all-time high in a buyer’s market and now they’re sitting on a pile of debt hoping some fool will compensate them for their losses. Talk about stupid. Regardless, I have no information that says they’ve changed their plans. Wilson still wants his cathedral to be the center of Moscow; he just can’t do it where he’s at unless they take over Gritman (which I am sure he has not ruled out).