Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Greyfriars Hallmark

As I write the next post in our “End of the Trinity Fest” series, here is an important website for you to examine. It contains most of the court documents for convicted criminal Jamin Wight, who was one of Wilson’s prized students at Greyfriars Hall when he committed his crimes. Jamin Wight was a member in good standing at Christ Church, Moscow, and Trinity Reformed Church, Moscow (pastored by Dr. Peter Leithart), during his spree and neither church ever put him under discipline.

To be fair, however, I’m not sure why they didn’t graduate him from Greyfriars with honors. He committed no sin that he didn’t learn at the Fearless Leader’s feet. As our Lord says, “A servant is not greater than his master,” and in this case Wight did not exceed his teacher’s example — he matched it. Wilson knows exactly what that means and I’ll leave it there for now. We still have lots more blogging ahead of us.

Wight lived in one of the Kult’s many illegal boarding houses (I don’t believe I’ve gotten near that scandal), which they rely on to house large portions of the student body at New Saint Andrews College (NSA), and he capitalized on his squeaky-clean image as a prospective minister to take advantage of his host family. The most shocking thing about this scandal, however, is not that the Kult did not discipline Wight for his sins — it’s that THEY THREATENED THE FATHER OF THE VICTIM WITH DISCIPLINE. In this interview, the father said,

they threatened to bring him under church discipline for failing to protect his daughter. “It would be like me getting robbed and the police coming over and arresting me because I didn’t have five locks on the door, only one,” he said. “It was just bizarre.”

One other thing, Jamin Wight spent a summer doing an internship at a now-dissolved CREC church in Southern California. The elders of the church cut his stay short, however, because of improper behavior with a married woman in the church. Apparently the intern made a few late-night visits to her home while the husband was out of town. When the elders discovered this they sent Jamin packing. Again, no discipline. After all, they didn’t want the student to get the wrong impression about sin. Greyfriars Hall is not a ministerial school; it’s a breeding ground for wolves. What else could it be when an alpha wolf leads it?

And the moral of this story is not Jamin Wight’s bankrupt character; it’s that Douglas Wilson corrupts everyone in his sphere of influence; sometimes it’s overt and other times it’s osmosis, but the end result is always the same — a complete loss of moral sensibility in his disciples. They become brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed. They act on impulse, taking whatever they want whenever they want, lacking all sense of right and wrong. In other words, they act just like Wilson.

Read the documents on Greyfriars Hallmark. “Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.” And add its documents to the mountain of evidence we have been compiling to demonstrate that Christ Church, Moscow, is one big massive sewer of corruption.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

One of the many deeply disconcerting things about the evidence you have been reporting is that the fundamental call of a shepherd of Christ's flock is to serve God's agenda of forming the character of Christ in the flock and to lead it, "from glory to glory", in ever-increasing sanctification.

From your reporting, and from the structure of FV thinking, it appears to me that the members of CC are all presumptively reckoned to be regenerate and presumptively sanctified. Or could it be that individual regeneration isn't considered that important (it being a matter of God's decree and beyond human influence, after all) --- what really matters is, "objective covenant" participation? With invisible matters like regeneration and sanctification out of the way as a matter of definition, they can get on with the business of advancing the objective visible "kingdom" through various forms of force? Am I reading that rightly?

What a nightmare.


Rosemary Huskey said...

I was in the courtroom the day that Jamin Wight was sentenced. The judge emphasized Jamin’s remarkable immaturity; he was at least 23-years old when he began molesting a 14-year-old girl under the guise of “courting.” What 23 year old in his right mind wants to foster a romantic/sexual relationship with a 14 year old? The correct answer is, of course, a pedophile. Doug Wilson was also in the courtroom that day. We even exchanged a few words following the sentencing. Mine were strong and to the point, Doug’s were, well, let’s just say he floundered for a response and I didn’t buy it.

The arrested adolescence and huge gaps in emotional development that were obvious to the judge apparently escaped the notice of Doug Wilson and other Kirk luminaries. In addition to being a Greyfriars student, Jamin Wight was a teacher at the Logos-clone all-boy school, Atlas Academy. (At the time the school was operated without a Conditional Use Permit, and without safety inspections, from Jim Wilson’s storefront ministry, in the Nuart Theater. Using the example of Doug Wilson and Nuisance Andrews, the operators of Atlas School simply blew off city ordinances which specifically banned the operation of schools in downtown Moscow. They have subsequently moved into the county where they can operate without interference from local officials and Jamin is no longer a faculty member.)

It’s all about the squeaky-clean covenant image with Doug. His track record of trying to keep the lid on scandal in order to spare himself and the Kirk public embarrassment is sinful as well as useless. What an odious piece of work he is.

Rose Huskey

Mark T. said...

Hi Sam,

You’re close. Yes, everyone in the Kult is presumed regenerate based on baptism, and shaking the refugees of the baptismal BS is not easy. They really cling to it and have no concept of the new birth and evangelical faith. He expunged it from them if they ever had it. These people are brainwashed drones who don’t see their zombie nature. This brings us to your second point, which is right on. The visible kingdom is really Wilson’s empire — his land grabs, his money grabs, and his power grabs (honestly, I haven’t had time to address his self-serving real estate development on Polk Ext.) — that he has convinced his disciples is for the kingdom. So ultimately, doctrinal instruction (which goes by the name of FV) is his means to opiate the masses into submission. And then they’ll do anything he says. Please note that in the end Wilson doesn’t care about doctrine. These are debates that keep him entertained because he gets to stay in the spotlight. He’ll change doctrinal positions in a heartbeat if it will bring him attention, and when the FV peters out or when the Christian church denounces him in no uncertain terms, he’ll recreate himself to get back on center stage. These things mean nothing to him.

One thing you need to understand is that Christ Church is a religious front for a political operation, and the politics involved are the personal ambitions of one man. It’s not a Christian church. Once you understand that, then you’ll realize that doctrine is a means to an end. It means nothing to him, just as words mean nothing to him. Life is one big fantasy where he gets what he wants when he wants it and no one can stop him.