Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steven Sitler

Someone recently posted serial pedophile Steven Sitler’s latest SOR photograph on Vision 20/20. Before I say more, however, I want to note that I really feel sorry for Steven Sitler. I know that he committed unspeakable abominations, but I also know that he cannot stop himself, which is the reason I pity him. And just in case you think I’m getting soft, please note that I know Steven Sitler is fully 100% responsible for his actions, depravity notwithstanding. This is why I believe the best thing the state could do for him is execute him mercifully. Short of that, the state should put him away for life. He poses too much of a threat to society to grant him any kind of liberty. As one of my attorneys said, “He’s going to start killing his victims — that’s what they always do.”

Now look at his latest Idaho Sex Offender Registry photograph and tell me if it doesn’t give you the willies (we placed it next to Beelzeblog for comparison; the resemblance is uncanny). Also, notice that his home address is 329 North Main Street. That’s about six blocks from his alma mater New Saint Andrews College — or roughly a five-minute walk. Talk about a millstone.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Is he still attending dougs church?


Mark T. said...

The last word we got, which was from one of Wilson’s pseudonyms, Glenn Schwaller, was that Sitler’s PO had not given him permission to attend church. The same pseudonym, Glenn Schwaller, also informed the community that Wilson and his peeps had a special seat picked out just for Mr. Sitler. And I quote: “he will be sitting front and center of the sanctuary where he will have limited view of the congregation, and they will have full view of him.” But for now, we have no information that Sitler has permission to attend church, and with one parole violation already under his belt, I suspect it will be a while before they loosen his leash.

angry Papa Bear said...

You don't have to be a theonomist to understand the wisdom of capital punishment for child rapists. I had a lovely conversation with one just this morning, warning him to stay a million miles away from my children and a community organization where dozens of children frequent, and where he recently was spending his free time. Isn't it just great that child rapists can have free time! I found him to be such a delightful fellow. He was so contrite, and thoroughly understanding of my concern, and not the least bit offended that I would show up on his doorstep and have this civil conversation with him, given my concern that he likes to rape children and has been chumming it up with my own children and those of my friends. So impressed was I with the child rapist that my next conversation was with his probation officer, who informed me that technically, the programs for our community kids are supervised functions, and therefore, the child rapist may NOT have been in direct violation of his probation conditions by being involved in the functions, seeing that they were supervised!. Technicalities, they are just so....technical, making it somewhat difficult to keep your children from getting raped and all. In all seriousness, the men who commit these crimes are never cured, they never pay their "debt to society", much less to their victims, their sin and guilt follows them until the day they die (a murderer is better able to fit back into society than a child rapist...there are no registered murderer web sites for the public to peruse). Execution of these men is the only just (and merciful) way to deal with them. Entrust their souls to the Almighty, but please strap their sorry asses into the appropriate death device for the state in which they were convicted. God help us when we let men like this walk free and prey upon our children after they have already been caught and convicted. Unbelievable. I gladly confess that salvation for even the worst sinners may be found in Christ, and praise God for His mercy. But, to welcome a child rapist back into the fold of the local church where he did his deeds is shameful, foolish, arrogant, coldhearted, and insane. Nevermind that “he will be sitting front and center of the sanctuary where he will have limited view of the congregation, and they will have full view of him.” Are you kidding me! Shutting the doors of the local church to such a man is not a denial of the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice for his sin. It is, however, an affirmation of the importance of protecting the rest of the sheep. And it is also one more example of how awkward things can get when child rapists are allowed to walk free amongst us. What a twisted and perverse system we have built! Heaven help us when the "pastor" buys into the same Satanic philosophy. I need a drink!

Mark T. said...


Thanks for the comment and I couldn’t agree more. When I consider the permanent threat these men constantly pose to our children, I am forced to conclude that there are some sins that are so egregious that they “shall not be found among you.” The sinner has sinned his way out of the community forever. No one can ever trust him again, no matter how repentant he may appear (and I do believe repentance is possible). He must be put out for the good of God’s people and for the good of society.

Regarding your name, you wouldn’t believe it and I can’t say it, but there’s an incredible story about how the use of that name led to a public execution in the Kult. No one in the Kult knows what I’m talking about (let alone the facts surrounding the execution); but it’s an unbelievable story. Ironically, the timing of that event corresponds to Sitler’s arrival and subsequent predations in the Kult, and I take pleasure knowing that men reap what they sow.