Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sola Fidel

Returning from almost 12 busy days away from my fully documented anonymous attack blog, we want to pay tribute to Fidel Castro after he retired from the office of dictator of Cuba and handed the iron fist to his brother Raul, who helped him overthrow the Batista regime decades ago in a violent revolution. Castro and other likeminded communists designed the blueprint for the Federal Vision’s forthcoming new “Reformation” — smash and grab. And if you don’t like it, they’ll smash harder.

Thank you.


SamuelConner said...

Nioe art, Mark!

To my mind, "Fearless Leader" evokes Boris Baranov, one of the bad guys in the old "Bullwinkle & Rocky the Flying Squirrel" cartoons. I don't remember specifics, but I don't recall Baranov being a frightening bad guy; he was more of a bumbling fool.

On a more serious note, your juxtaposition of these men reminds us that God has appointed limits to the span of our earthly lives. Two of the dictators are long gone and one is not long for this world.

What do you suppose will become of CC, CREC and the FV after DW passes from the scene (assuming that the whole thing doesn't implode first)? Perhaps I have answered the question in asking it.


SamuelConner said...

Hi Mark,

Oops, now I am remembering more. Baranov was not the Fearless Leader, but merely his lackey. The Fearless Leader was a much more sinister character. Pardon an old man's failing memory.


Mark T. said...

Hi Sam,

Yes, you did answer your question but I would embellish it by noting that the CREC, the Kult, and the Federal Vision have predicated the sum total of their identities and their existence on the Fearless Leader’s personality and life, and in this respect they resemble a national cult of personality similar to Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China. As he goes, so they go. And when he goes, i.e. the moment the Fearless Leader drops dead, all three movements will fade into oblivion, though I’m sure many of Doug’s Thugs will try to keep the thing animated by selling books and tapes.

Anonymous said...

I received my copy of the Cantus Christi not too long ago (the spiral-bound version, of course, for us piano players) and was reading through Dr. Schuler's intro. I was disappointed that the hymnal was incomplete (not even having all of the Psalms) and that he was planning on forthcoming editions to remedy this fact. Sadly, this will now not be, and I surely am not the only one to be disappointed by this fact. Don't people in DW's orbit wonder why this is so?

Mark T. said...

They’re fully and completely brainwashed to believe every word that he says, including the awful lies he told about Duck. Read this; it’s an accurate account of what they did to him and of life in the Kult.