Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anonymity Part V: Chaos in the CREC

“When the wicked arise, men hide themselves; but when they perish, the righteous increase.” — Proverbs 28:28

Yesterday at Green Bagginses a couple of monkey boys made much ado about my anonymity. Apparently it never occurred to them to file their complaints here with me or to interact with my posts that document Douglas Wilson’s pattern of retaliation against those who criticize him in public. This is probably because it’s easier to pressure Pastor Lane and force him to account for me than it is to acknowledge the simple truth that Wilson cannot account for his well-documented history of abuse, harassment, and revenge against those he perceives as “enemies.”

Furthermore, neither he nor his loyalists have ever tried to explain why the CREC Constitution furnishes him with so many different and creative layers of protection from accountability. It reads like an endless maze of obstacles designed to thwart anyone wanting biblical justice, and even if some poor sucker managed to find the appropriate wormhole in the CREC Constitution that would allow him to seek remedy, the confederates appointed to hear his case have proven that they would land against him in a heartbeat rather than act as men who love righteousness by holding their Fearless Leader accountable.

For example, no one from the CREC has ever answered the devastating charges leveled by Church of the King–Santa Cruz against Wilson and the CREC. No one. First they pressured COTK to remove its statement from the web and when COTK refused the CREC brazened it out. They ignored it. As they say, “Out of sight out of mind.” You really have to admire their shamelessness if nothing else: “Please take it off the web because it makes our Fearless Leader look so bad.” Never mind the truth of the statement. Appearance is more important than substance to these scoundrels and the Great Protector must appear sinless. So remove your testimony from the web immediately or you shall force us to ignore it.

This leads me to a column that the Fearless Leader wrote for Credenda Agenda. It’s his vindication of the sweeping charges of wholesale corruption in the Clinton administration that blanketed the Internet during that period and, to be honest, Wilson makes a good case arguing that when men in power subvert the courts, justice finds other outlets to make its case. He titled it “Chaos at the Center”; here is an extended excerpt:

But another breeding ground for rumor exists as well, and this is why we have seen such a remarkable explosion of astounding reports in recent years. This environment for rumor is created when the courts of justice have been hopelessly compromised and corrupted, and have been turned aside from their ordained and appointed use. When this happens, it means that those who have reasonable grounds to make an accusation are prevented from doing so by a conspiracy of factors — awareness of the futility of the endeavor, knowledge of the widespread corruption and bribery, real fear of being dismissed as a crank, concern about physical harm, and so forth. The throne of iniquity has no fellowship with God, and the righteous know that these guys are good at framing mischief through a law (Ps. 94:20). . . . When someone cannot lawfully be charged with wrongdoing — even when plain and evident proof of that wrongdoing exists — then the available information seeks another route. Meantime, the one who is officially “bulletproof” believes he may conduct his affairs with a high hand because he knows he has the official system in his back pocket. This creates an abundant demand for information from those who disseminate it through the new channels. In our day, when the courts no longer settle anything that looks or smells like justice, the new channels are books by alternative publishers and internet newspapers.

When someone is bold enough to mention such things as will be mentioned below, he will be indignantly told that these are all unconfirmed internet rumors, none of this has been established in a court of law, no controlling legal authority . . ., etc. Quite so. We’re sorry. So may we be permitted to present all this evidence in a court of law? No?

Our president is well-known for his sexual immorality and financial corruption. Tragically, this considered by itself does not make him unique among our presidents. But it must honestly be said that he has brought an old game to new levels of performance. In addition, in the minds of those whose understanding goes past what they hear from Peter Jennings, he is also under reasonable suspicion of drug trafficking, cocaine use, obstruction of justice, perjury, and serial murder. These are reasonable charges, with enough evidence to bring a biblical charge in a court of law, provided that the court has not been previously subverted. But here is our dilemma — the courts have been. . . . When an accuser is refuted in open court, we may all rejoice at the defeat of slander. But when potential accusers are found dead in an open ditch, our thoughts turn in another more melancholy direction. . . Lady Justice has taken to sleeping around. (Douglas Wilson, “Chaos at the Center,” Credenda Agenda, volume 10 issue 2)

The parallels between Clinton’s Washington and Wilson’s CREC are striking. Wilson accuses Clinton of subverting justice by corrupting the courts and silencing witnesses; I and many others have accused Wilson of subverting justice by corrupting the CREC court and silencing witnesses. Unlike Wilson, however, I have actually documented my claims.

To be sure, no one has shown up dead yet in Moscow (though a close friend sees murder in the not-too-far distance), but this does not change the truth of Wilson’s observations. It is just as he said, “the righteous know that these guys are good at framing mischief through a law.” Yes, Wilson framed mischief when he drafted the constitutions for Christ Church and the CREC and to his own chagrin things have turned out just as he predicted: “When someone cannot lawfully be charged with wrongdoing — even when plain and evident proof of that wrongdoing exists — then the available information seeks another route.”

Indeed, the available information has sought another route. Welcome to Fœdero Schism, my fully documented anonymous attack blog. And when the CREC monkey boys decide to put away from among themselves that wicked person, I will be glad to identify myself. Until then, however, they’ll just have to excuse me for acting on Solomon’s rule: “When the wicked arise, men hide themselves.”

Thank you.