Thursday, February 7, 2008

Front-page Comment

I just received an excellent comment in response to “The Scarlet Letter” that deserves front-page attention. He premised his point on this quote from the Fearless Leader:

I was the editor, and had not read Time on the Cross at that time, and with a topic that inflammatory I certainly should have. My name was on the cover, and the editorial error that I was part of was egregious, atrocious, embarrassing, and egregious. Is there a magic word I can put in here that keeps it from being Clintonesque? For my part, one thing I will not call it is plagiarism (intellectual theft) because it simply wasn’t.

Here’s the comment:

Anonymous said . . .

The APE. That is hilarious.

But to the point. Your fully documented anonymous attack blog also points out two other issues. First, why is Wilson listed as coauthor, if he was not, as he admits, all that familiar with the contents? Was it to put his good name as a pastor on yet one more controversial project? Was it to fraudulently mislead people into buying a book that, if it had Wilkins’ name alone, might not otherwise have sold as well? Secondly, the APE and his monkey boys love to attach so much value to a person’s name upon his writings that the use of anonymity automatically renders, in their primal minds, the writing false. Yet, the APE is willing to falsely attach his true name as the author of poorly argued plagiarized writings that Wilkins stole, and continues to assert their veracity, because he, Doug Wilson, using his true and given name, says so.

Once again we see that if the Great Protector didn’t have a double standard, he wouldn’t have any at all.

Thank you.