Friday, February 1, 2008

Sister Booth

Sister Randy Booth, moderator of the CREC, has also issued a press release (here) regarding the CREC’s reception of renegade pastor Steven Wilkins, who fled his covenantal accountability to the PCA and found asylum with the covenant breakers of the CREC. Sister Booth’s statement is similar to Wilkins’ in that its author dwells in a fantasyland that licenses him to shift the blame for this controversy to pretty much everyone else while he ignores his responsibility for not bridling Beelzeblog. Oh, and he really desires peace for the Church.

This line is particularly hilarious:

In any controversy there are those who delight in exacerbating the situation and in fanning the flames with the fuel of vitriol. In such an inferno justice is not well served. Because the internet has provided both anonymity and amplification to any who want them, this tempest in our little teapot has been intense at points. Undoubtedly, both parties in this controversy have been ashamed by the conduct of some ostensible supporters.

Sister, you’re a real treat.

Thank you.