Monday, June 23, 2008

Some Schools Have Real Standards

Columbia U. Fires Teachers College Professor Accused of Rampant Plagiarism
Columbia University’s Teachers College announced today that it planned to fire Madonna G. Constantine, a tenured professor, for plagiarism. The announcement, which came in a memorandum delivered to faculty members, said Ms. Constantine would be suspended immediately and would be dismissed, subject to a review by a faculty committee.

A law firm hired by the university to conduct an investigation reported in February that Ms. Constantine, a professor of psychology and education, had committed more than two dozen instances of plagiarism. Ms. Constantine has vehemently denied the accusations and has, in turn, accused others of plagiarizing her work. She has also accused colleagues of envy and racism.

Last October, Ms. Constantine said a noose was placed outside her office door. The New York City Police Department’s hate-crime unit investigated the incident, but months later still had no suspects. — Thomas Bartlett

We’re still trying to confirm rumors that New Saint Andrews College has recruited Ms. Constantine to fill an empty faculty position. Her moral flexibility combined with her deft ability to reverse the charge while simultaneously playing the victim makes her a virtual lock at the burgeoning school, despite lingering questions about her skill at revising history.

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CIB said...

She'd be quite a catch, but I'd be surprised if she'd take up the offer given the Southern slavery scandal.

anonymous8 said...

Think about it, if you're a left-wing person of color who has to play the noose card every now and then for job security...where do you get one? And how do you know how to rig it? The government must print a brochure.

Anonymous said...

University stats show average financial aid package received for NSA students approx $9,000, and per annum cost approx $8,500, if accurate, taxpayer is carrying full load?

Is her move to NSA really a possibility?

Mark T. said...

Apologies, brethren: I referenced “rumors” tongue in check to connect two remotely related issues. I have no knowledge that NSA is pursuing Ms. Constantine and I assure you that if she applied the NSA admin would cast the first stone at her in condemnation of her plagiarism, because it’s always wrong when other people do it but it’s never wrong when they do it. Besides, NSA couldn’t afford a woman with her credentials and I doubt they would ever employ a female professor because her job description would require her to teach men.

As a rule, I use the “rumor” in direct contrast to “fully documented”; it’s a way of saying “don’t believe it, I’m making another point.” But in hindsight I see I should find another word.

Anon8, I hope you’re doing well.

cib said...


I got it, my comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek as well. :)

Mark T. said...

Glad to hear it; for a minute there I thought I lost touch.