Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dave Glasebrook

Dear Mr. Glasebrook,

At least once, perhaps twice, I offered you front-page attention if you can correct or disprove any of my posts. You, however, ignored my invitations and chose to harass other men for reasons I cannot explain. Therefore, I sincerely ask you to leave them alone. Please keep the toxic waste in Moscow.

If you want to engage me I will be more than happy to answer your concerns as long as you respect the conditions I delineated to you, which appears to be a stumbling block. And in light of your 2090-word treatise (of which I read about 200 words), I now add another condition to the terms. You are only allowed to address one point at a time. This will keep the distinctions cleaner.

If you can produce evidence that demonstrates a factual error on my part, I will be glad to correct the error and apologize for it, which is much more than your leadership has ever done. If, however, you cannot produce evidence that contradicts me, then I echo the words of the Managing Editor for the Spokesman Review, “We are not going to engage any further in this conversation.”

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Mark T,

Have you had a chance to read the latest Trinity Review at the Trinity Foundation website? For obvious reasons, I thought you might find it of interest:


Rick P

Mark T. said...

Thanks for the heads up, Rick, it looks insightful. Lord willing I shall read it in the morning.