Friday, September 28, 2007

Flower Power

We have to score one for William Chellis over at De Regno Christi, who inserted his serrated edge into James Jordan and slowly turned it. Jordan wrote, “I’m justified because Jesus died for me,” to which Chellis replied, “James . . . according to FV doctrine, you cannot know that. You might commit apostasy and be separated from Christ.” And the only thing funnier than this zinger is the strong likelihood that Jordan won’t get it.

This reminds me of a joke a Calvinist told me when I was an Arminian. He said, “If the TULIP is the flower for the Calvinist, do you know what flower the Arminians have adopted?” I replied, “No,” not knowing that I walked into it. He said, “The DAISY! — ‘He loves me; He loves me not; He loves me; He loves me not.’” Get it? The daisy!

Of course, the punch line as it relates to the Federal Vision is that their take on election is identical to the Arminians, even though they won’t admit it.


Dr. Mike Kear said...

These comments on DRC by James Jordan are some of the most bizzare rantings I've ever heard.

Jesus "is the New Sky"?

“'You' (the Chellis who asks, not necessarily the Chellis who exists)"?

"When God says in Ephesians 1 that He has sovranly elected people from the foundation of the world to be baptized into His church, this by way of eminence also means that He has elected people to be found at the end."?


"Eph. 1 is not about election for eternity"?


This is the godfather of the FV? Are you kidding me?