Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Time to Speak

Pastor Kevin Johnson has written a heartfelt post about his experience dealing with the undisciplined rogues of the CREC, which he titled “The Time for Silence Is Over”:

There have been times when I’ve been absolutely enraged by these things — but the one thing I come back to after all that emotion is the people who are under the care of men like this. Even if you don’t agree with anything I’ve written above — I ask you to pray for the people in the congregations of men who behave this way. They are the ones in need of real ministerial care and I pray our Lord will provide it.

This post is especially timely after last weekend, which is another story, but people really have no idea the damage that Wilson and his thugs cause in people’s lives because most folks don’t understand the magnitude of the problem. And I think one of the reasons for this is that Wilson has conditioned the Church to accept his reprehensible conduct. “Oh, that’s Doug.” And then they move on.

But if you give it a second look, you’ll discover that Wilson and his pet reprobates are not wolves in sheep’s clothing — no, they’re wolves in wolves’ fur. They don’t even try to hide it anymore, unless it’s a particularly grievous offense that won’t pass muster with everyday Christians. They just do their thing, however lawless it may be, and ridicule anyone who dares to challenge them.

Please read “The Time for Silence Is Over” because Pastor Johnson is correct.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

On Kevin's blog, I hope others stepped back enough from the trees to notice the forest, i.e., the flashmob rushing to support Wilson & the CREC.

Mark T. said...

Indeed. It’s just like clockwork: if someone criticizes the Fearless Leader, the monkey boys pollute cyberspace to defend his honor. He should be very proud of himself to have such loyal disciples.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Would it be possible to set up a 'blog at which people who are still in CREC churches could report what is going on in real time --- anonymously, if at all possible? It would require careful administration and checking to confirm the veracity of what was reported, but it might be useful. The defensive action at RefCath 'blog seems to harp on the lack of specific eyewitness testimony. But it appears (if CC is paradigmatic) that by the time people exit one of these churches, they are reluctant to speak about their experiences. It a pretty well-protected system.

Thanks for your 'blog,


Anonymous said...

I have a somewhat personal question for you.

My question is simple; are you accountable to your presbytery for what you write here? I don't really give a rip if you make yourself anonymous to me, Douglas Wilson, or the CREC (speaking of which, isn’t being a minister in the CREC sort of like anonymity?), I simply care that you’re accountable to your session.

And honestly, I think if your critics knew you were accountable to your session; it just goes to show that the real reason they want to know who you are is so they may hound you, not only on the Internet, but in your home life as well.

That being asked, God bless you for this blog.


Anonymous said...

Garret Craw challenged you, saying "Jesus told you to have the nagas to go to your brother face-to-face and then bring witnesses and then tell it to the church…with your name and face right out there."

Well, tell it to what church? No one can "tell it" to the CREC, since they are not a presbyterian body but, instead, an association of congregationalist churches with no mechanism for disciplining ministers (other than to disassociate entire churches).

If one were to try to "tell it" to Wilson's session at Christ Church, that wouldn't do you any better since their constitution requires a unanimous vote of the good ol' boys in the session to remove the minister. Not just a 2/3rds vote, but a unanimous vote.

Jesus' command for us to bring charges before errant brethren presupposes a legitimate forum and system of church discipline. What I have described above does not fit that description.

Mark T. said...


If I understand your question correctly, yes, it would be possible but I think you assume most people are wired in, which I do not think is the case. Please send me an email to flesh out the details a little more clearly.

Mark T. said...


Yes, I am accountable. In fact, my pastor encouraged this move.

Mark T. said...


Garret Claw learned about manhood from Wayne’s World and can’t get his hands out of his pants.

And by the way, the Kult elders need two separate unanimous votes before they can move on Wilson. I’m sure there’s a biblical principle there somewhere.

Oso Famoso said...

So...I just happened on this site. I take it that you are a HUGE Doug Wilson fan right?

Mark T. said...


I’m his biggest, thanks for noticing.